Why go to a strip club?

Due to my curiosity and the principle “I have to try everything”, as well as my tendency to look for adventure, I went to a male-type entertainment center. And as a result of her observations, both the actors and the club visitors made some conclusions for herself.

1. Who comes to the club?

The audience picked up motley. I will not say that single men come to the club. Businessmen were in a hurry to relax after a working week. Boys came in the company of friends to chat with beautiful half-naked girls, treat them to a cocktail and feel like a macho man. Married couples thus tried to add variety to their established sex life. Dark personalities with a dubious reputation wanted to stare and touch a living body. There were also romantics who accidentally entered the club in search of love.

2. Why do people come to a strip club?

It is not only a matter of forbidden desires, which many can satisfy here for a certain amount of money. But rather, in a pleasant atmosphere: no one is forcing anything on anyone, there is a moment of lifting the prohibitions, there is art for the love of art and money.

I would not say that the club has an atmosphere of debauchery, rather a light and non-binding flirting. There is no sex as such, there is sexual behavior. Girls dance, undress, then walk around the topless room and take turns approaching each table and offer guests a “private dance”. There are two types of private dances: separately in a special private room or directly in the common room. 

Actually, the private dance itself: the girl climbs onto your knees and dances for you for about five minutes, she can gently stroke you and whisper something in your ear. Touching a girl (despite the fact that she is topless) is undesirable. Tipping is welcome, they are really thrust into a thong stripper.

3. Striptease as an art

If you consider striptease as an art, then you stop noticing that the girls are naked. In general, you quickly get used to the nudity of men and women acting at the pole, and it ceases to be something out of the ordinary.

It is enough to sit in the club for a couple of hours to understand that striptease is not just such a way to go out and undress in public. 

There are many important factors: a beautiful figure, posture, the ability to demonstrate oneself beautifully, plastic, acrobatics, beautiful clothes (each way out is different), hairstyle, makeup, the ability to walk, dance and climb a pole in shoes on a 12-centimeter hairpin, lack of fear , embarrassment and complexes.

In striptease, as in any profession, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand , this is a way to quickly make a lot of money, on the other , it’s a risk: a damaged reputation, intrusive customers, working on a pole at a height of 5-6 m without insurance, the pole is slippery, you can easily fall and break your neck or damage your back. And then this work ends with time, only young and beautiful girls dance. I assume that all candidates undergo a very strict selection.  

4. How do strippers look in everyday life?

I tried to imagine how girls dancing striptease look in ordinary life, and I got two types: glamorous and ordinary. If you look at the appearance, the lingerie, the facial expressions and the behavior of the stripper, and then try to dress her, you will see either a glamorous fifa, choosing elite cosmetics in the store and trying on a brand pair of shoes, or you will get an ordinary modest pretty girl who can easily dissolve into crowd, and you will never think about her that she can work as a stripper.

5. Why order a private dance?

Many men start a private dance, they want to feel welcome, even if they pay money for it. Some secretly want to touch the girls, and not only … Someone is trying to start a conversation with a stripper, to attract and charm her. Couples want to add pepper to their relationship. Someone wants to feel like a VIP person, because the girl at this moment is dancing only for him.

If you and your soulmate are quite happy and do not need to artificially stir up passions, then perhaps you should not go to a strip club and, unless so, out of curiosity.

In any case, everything that happens in the strip club should be perceived as a well-organized show.

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