8 Rules of Network Hygiene

Safety rules from the Men’s School

Each smartphone stores information that dishonest girls can use for their own purposes. The recent story of Oleg Deripaska and Nastya Rybka showed that at first glance, a simple trip on a yacht can go a long way. ongoing consequences. No one is safe from negative spread, so we have compiled a small checklist on the rules of safe behavior between you, girls and Hi-Tech :

You must have a separate phone

Everyone understands why, but there are exceptions. An additional phone is needed not so that no one fires you, but so that as few left-wing people as possible know your personal number. For you to understand the importance of this, imagine that there may be situations
when intimate photos come to your personal phone while you are sleeping with your wife. Or vice versa, you left your phone on a table in a cafe, and your companion quickly flipped through the photos, and maybe also sent the most interesting thing to herself in the messenger.

Forget intimate photos

Yes, the temptation to get pictures of a girl from the shower is very great, and in a fit of SMS correspondence, many men send their photos without a towel in the right place. Just don’t say you’ve never done that. If your relationship has reached the stage where you send intimate photos in messengers, then do not merge your face, take a picture below the neck. If a girl then blackmails you by leaking photos to the Web, don’t worry, your face won’t be there.

Keep all personal documents with you.

Do not give confidential data to girls – credit card number, driver’s license, passport number.

It sounds like a common truth and no one does that. But! A situation is possible when you are together in a cafe (for a brief tour of the places for a date, see the article “How to choose places for a date”) and offer to pay with a credit card. It may be uncomfortable for you to reach out, the waiter is too far away, and you decide to pass the card through the girl. Stop!
You can’t even do that.

No “tell me the card number, I’ll pay for the phone, then I’ll throw cash for you.” This could be a trap!

Exclude money transfers

Today, you don’t have to be Ethan Hunt to get information about money transfers. Do not transfer money to mistresses from your credit card.
Translation is a trail by which you can always be found. It will be more difficult to explain to your wife to whom you transferred money. This case is possible if your woman strongly suspects you of something. Here you need to understand that if women are suspected, the “Sherlock” mode is turned on and all the detective skills become aggravated.

Are you paying by card? Link her to a new phone.

For payments, it is better to use a separate phone number where SMS will be sent. There will be fewer unnecessary questions about who you spent 20,000 rubles on in a lingerie store.

Social media under control

Control social media. There were cases when inquisitive wives caught their husbands by geotags , which the mistresses affixed in his apartment.
If you are at your home, make sure that not a single photo is there.

Spoil Photos

If a girl invites you to take a picture, and there is a high probability that your joint photos will end up on Instagram, act so that she does not post them anywhere. Grieve, make a terrible face in the photo. Believe me, this photo will not even remain in the memory of her phone.
You should be able to spoil the photo.

Don’t Show Your Accounts

To questions about how to find you on social networks, say that you are not sitting there and your accounts are not and will not be there. If you met on Tinder (We described in detail how to meet on dating sites earlier in the article “How to meet on the Internet“), and this service, as you know, requires a Facebook account , delete all photos and any information about you from Fb .

Today, this minimum of rules will protect you from 99% of situations that can occur. If our methods do not work, then professionals are working with you, or you are very gullible, and nothing will help you at all :).

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