Who Shouldn’t Be Relationships With

A man is essentially a gullible and fearless animal. For him, each new charming girl is an opportunity to change his life or build it anew. But it often happens that in a new relationship, he is faced with the same rake on which he had already danced many years ago. Who can’t be in a relationship with?

My goal is that now, after reading this article, you have determined for yourself once and for all the type of girls with whom you cannot build relationships. With them, never, under any circumstances, you can approach more than one meeting. Even if it will be very seductive and pull very hard. The same goes for ex-girlfriends.

Eternal Resentment

This is a girl who believes that everyone owes her, but she herself owes nothing to anyone. One of my clients said about such: “wife-suitcase” – “wherever they take me, I’ll go there, I don’t want to decide anything myself, but I want Coca-Cola.”

How to determine that a girl belongs to this type? Most likely, she has a full-fledged family, in which dad is a specific “heel”, and mom is a “dominant female”, who puts everyone in their place and tells what and how to do. At the same time, dad, no matter how successful he achieves in life, always carefully listens to his wife with his mouth open and his eyes wide open, and instantly runs to fulfill all her instructions.

A girl from such a family can be very beautiful, young and attractive and talk sensibly about many things. But remember that this is a person who will never take an ounce of responsibility for his ass, for his successes and failures. You will always be to blame for everything. Accordingly, the life credo: “all men must and all men are goats.”

Insta -Dog

It’s not the best metaphor, but it gets the point across. Imagine that your neighbor has a dog that barks a lot when he sees you and doesn’t like you very much until you give him a bone. After that, you become a wonderful person for her, whom she will gladly let into her territory.

And there are a very large number of girls who sell their charms on Instagram and other social networks. These are “super sexy fashion ” girls who love you for gifts. She will be with you while you give her gifts. And it may even seem to you that what she says and how she behaves really looks like love. But it’s not. It’s a good show that you’re watching in the front row.

The program will be played and if you do not extend it, the performance will end. But by that time, you may already fall in love with her very much. Therefore – once you can, the second is dangerous, and the third – you can’t.

Do not worry. Now there are more insta -dogs than just dogs on the street. And if for you the path in the form of gifts and money for girls in exchange for affection is normal, then just do not linger on one.

Who you can’t build relationships with is an adept at training in the art of communication

This is a girl who goes to trainings and learns to make men happier, but in the short term.

Girls of this type think something like this – here I will use such and such a technique, here I will tell a metaphor, here I will work out objections, and here I will smile. At the same time, I will also give him a blowjob with a slap and I will moan colorfully during sex in order to make the guy sit down and fall in love with me.

It is always clear when a girl plays like this, because she has some kind of life paradigms that are not her own, which she was instilled in a large number of trainings with an emphasis on the art of communication, seduction, “ stervology ” and hunters for men.

If you come across such a girl, don’t expect anything good from it, but just run. This is a person who will use you, and, unfortunately, has no value in itself. But to you, because of some kind of inner hole that could have formed due to the loss of previous relationships, it will seem to you that this is the one, and after that you can specifically get hooked on it. Do not do that.

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