How to Choose Date Places

In this article, I will only talk about dating for the purpose of seduction. The fact is that when you are already in a relationship, then the places for dates are chosen according to completely different criteria. There, the field for experiments is wide enough so that leisure time is more diverse, and the time spent together is interesting and memorable.

And in the case of first dates, when you intend to seduce a girl, you need to choose the appropriate places that will help you achieve your goal, and not complicate its achievement.

Dating Myths

It would seem that what is wrong with myths if everyone believes in them? The problem is that they don’t work the way we would like or work in a minus. Let’s take a closer look:

Myth 1 – Take the Girl to the Most Expensive And Status Restaurant

Throwing status dust in your eyes is the most empty and useless thing you can think of. If you are not the son of an oligarch or a rock star, then you will never be able to compete with the suitors of a beautiful girl in status. Because any more or less pretty girl has most likely ever been invited to a restaurant for more than you can afford. And even if you have been incredibly frugal for a whole month, you still can hardly dazzle her with your amazing generosity. To be honest, this is not the trump card that attracts girls. Yes, the status, success, achievements of a man are attractive, but a girl chooses a man according to a set of signs, and not just according to the level of wealth. In addition, it is unlikely that you will be able to seduce a girl easily and beautifully if you feel uncomfortable spending the last money on a date.

Myth 2 – A date should be long

In order to communicate deeply and qualitatively, it is not necessary to spend long tedious hours together. This is complete nonsense. It is the quality of communication that matters. Keep in mind that the first date is the time when you and the girl, in fact, get to know each other. And your task on the first date is to make sure that she is not only pretty, but also interesting as a person. And only then will you want to invite her on a second date or continue the first one in more detail. Therefore, the first date should not be planned for more than an hour and a half. During this time, you can get to know each other well and achieve a certain rapprochement.

Myth 3 – You need to pick up a girl, and after a date, take her back, and be sure to give flowers

Good manners are great. Unfortunately, in our time it can work for you not for good, but for harm. Of course, if you’re a tramp and she’s the Crown Princess, then you have a chance to get some attention. But now any man always has a choice of girls, and your chosen one should understand this from the very beginning. Yes, she is pretty, interesting, but there is always an alternative and you have to broadcast it. Therefore, flowers in 90% of cases are a complete failure, and bringing and taking away is a failure by half. So just accept this information. If a girl says: “Come on, pick me up,” then you can safely offer her to take a taxi. If you are very generous, you can even pay for this taxi, but, nevertheless, I do not recommend that you do this.

Where Should You Go on a First Date?

Cozy cafes, exhibitions, parks, quests and just walks are great places for dates, where your task is to chat nicely and touch each other for an hour and a half.

But the place where you shouldn’t go is a cinema, because there you can sit and touch each other, but you won’t be able to communicate well and closely with each other.

It is also necessary to strategically choose the area where you will look for suitable places for dates. For example, you live at one end of the city, and she is at the opposite, and it seems to you that it is convenient to meet next to you, and she offers to choose something in her area. In this situation, it is necessary to meet in the city center in an area convenient for two. It is important here that both sides contribute.

Places to date for the second time

Places for dates the second time are slightly different in structure from the first. The fact is that your task on the second date is not just to talk nicely, but to move on to intimate touches. Obviously, in “Chocolate Girl” or ” McCafé ” you will not succeed. In order for everything to go as it should, you need to choose a more secluded place.

And this is where the cinema will help us. A cozy cafe with sofas, subdued lights, isolated rooms with quiet music and, most importantly, this cafe should be as close as possible to your home is also suitable. If you get home by car in 20-25 minutes, then this suits you. You will greatly facilitate your task if you explore in advance the locations that are exactly at this distance from your home.

I recommend going to some European cafe or sushi on the first date, and choosing oriental establishments for the second date, because there is a good atmosphere and cozy atmosphere.

Consider also that you need to invite a girl to those places where you feel comfortable. That is, you should know what kind of establishment it is, what the price level is, what is on the menu and what is not, and it is desirable that you know the number of the table you need to sit at.

Life hack . When you come with a girl to a cafe, tell the administrator that you need a table for four. For two, they can offer a small table where you will sit opposite each other and this is not very good. And if you say that there will be four of you, then you are guaranteed to be seated at a large table with sofas. And you will kill two birds with one stone: you will get a normal table where you can sit as you please and a few minutes of embarrassment for the girl. She, most likely, will swim a little at this moment and ask: “What, are we still waiting for someone?”, Which is also not bad and will give you some emotional head start in the first 5 minutes of the date.

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