Sex with a foreigner – what are the features?

My husband is Portuguese. More than once I had to hear not very tactful curious questions from friends: 

 – What is the difference between a Portuguese man and a Russian? What is special about the Russians? What is unusual about the Portuguese? What is unexpected? Who do you like best, “yours” or “ours”? Which ones are better?

Recently, my girlfriend, the mother of an already adult son, handsome, super popular with ladies, told me that Portuguese women are no longer interested in him, he wants to meet a Russian, and generally always dreamed about it.

In the modern world, interethnic relations are quite real and accessible. About 20-30 years ago, a simple Russian guy could not even dream of hot Brazilians or chocolate Africans. Today you can find a foreign girlfriend without any special expenses, just go to the Internet.

Curiosity, excitement, interest, desire to find and try something unreal, foreign, exotic. Is sex with a foreigner exotic? Or is it no different from sex with a compatriot? 

Based on the fact that all people are the same – two arms, two legs, in the middle you yourself know that, there should be no difference. That is, the tools are the same for everyone, the rest is a matter of technology. Is it all just a matter of technology? Maybe foreigners know secrets that we never dreamed of? Maybe this is their nationwide secret, passed down from generation to generation? And are all the “tools” the same ? The postulate that “we are all the same” is as true as “we are all different, there are no two people on the planet the same.” It was to set all devices “strictly according to the pattern”, rubber substitutes, with a book-instructions have registered to every home.        

With the opening of “electronic borders”, the availability of information about different countries of the world, comparatively informative stories about foreigners appeared. For example, based on their American or German oddities and features, many girls began to guess what kind of sex can be expected from them. Well, let’s say, the Italians seem especially romantic to us, singing serenades under the windows of their beloved ones, which means that in sex they will be just as romantic, able to delight and seduce. 

The Spaniards are famous for their ardor, a kind of torero, the same should be expected from them in bed. Or the Germans are not romantic, but sentimental, sex with them is fast and of high quality. Arabs expect passion and hot nights. Africans seem to be some giants of sex, in every sense of the word. They are strong, run faster than anyone, jump above all others, play basketball best of all. And the size? Such hefty guys under 2 meters. So, national color still leaves its mark on sexual skills?  

Sexual education, apparently, also affects. In some countries it is not customary to talk about this (in the USSR it was, I remember), in others certain subjects in the school are devoted to this issue, in the third – they do not pay much attention. In Portugal, for example, last year students went on strike. What did they want? Among other things, lessons on sexual education. 

If you put it all together: origin, climate, traditions, upbringing, including sexual, nutrition, education, economic status – we can conclude that yes, the difference between sex with a compatriot and sex with a foreigner, of course, should be significant. We are from Siberia, they, for example, from Africa, we love dumplings, they indulge in fried bats (by the way, they have this dish instead of Viagra, and for both sexes), we are married after 20, they gave birth 15 times already, we love flowers and champagne, they bring their beloved carcasses of dead animals. 

The key is that we are captivated, excited and ignited by features in sexual games that are different from ours. If the “do”, sitting on a bamboo cot, eat a fried bat and drink tincture of exotic fruits, then what will happen in the process? New sensations, something unusual, fantastic?

The secret that everyone discovers for himself.

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