Why do girls become prostitutes? Money, Money, Money!

What is there to hide, the work of the “night butterfly” is in many ways extreme.  

Well, if there are sane clients. Or at least partially. But this does not happen. We have to deal with the insane. With oddities and perversions.

I don’t know if it was a joke, whether it was serious, whether it was or not, but one girl told me that once a drunken client paid her a lot of money for spanking him on the bare back with a leash for walking dogs. Yes, not just a leash for a lap-dog, say, but a braided analogue of a cable. Receiving blows at the “fifth point”, the client, standing on all fours, enthusiastically yanked to the beat of execution.    

Another lady said something like this: “Oh, girls, the trouble now is with these customers! Recently one came, cultured, gilded with glasses, polite, paid money at a double tariff. I undressed. He is in no hurry, declares, the birds, they say, loves. I told him: “What does the bird have to do with it ?!” And he says that he kept pigeons all his childhood. He loved birds very much. And then some freaks burned his dovecot! So, he takes from the bag something like a rim, and a bunch of colorful feathers are attached to this rim. The feathers are the same as the peacock’s tail! 

He tells me, girls, they say, put this rim with feathers on your ass, otherwise I can’t! But to copulate with a bird – it’s capable of … What can you do, the double tariff makes a big difference! I put on this rim with feathers on the waist, stood on the “karachki”, and in the mirror I see my reflection. Horror! The real peacock. The rim on my pope looks exactly like a peacock’s tail! This bird lover began to pick up from behind. Well, I think it’s going to happen now, then he will dump quickly back. So what would you think ?! Suddenly, the burning stank …   

I drive with my nose: where, what burns? She looked casually in the mirror – and screamed! My butt is burning! This bastard, when he came in from behind, quietly struck a lighter, and the feathers on the rim were set on fire. What a freak! He says that I reminded him of his birds in the fire. And I have an ass in a circle in a flame! He admitted later, a pervert, that he received great pleasure. He threw money on top. Do you know how to put out, by the way? The car extinguisher grabbed a miniature from this car. So, girls, the priest is first on fire, and then in the foam! ” 

Or another story: “Oh, girls, but two came to me. Solid suits from Versace, pins and ties sparkle with diamonds. I prepared in advance. Guests undressed. One of them pulled a diamond pin from his tie, rinsed it in vodka and hands it to me. In an orderly tone, she declares: “Sit on top of me while I’ll run on the four wheels. You will prick me in the ass with a pin. You are a rider. And I, with you on the back, will have to catch up with my companion and ruin him! ”The companion, too, means, he’ll run around on four wheels. Refuse? What for? Paid, and fun! I sat on his back, pricked in the buttock. He yelled a scalded cat – and let’s chase after his friend, and all on all fours. Shame on you! He runs ahead, bare back, a man’s household is hanging between his legs, and we are catching up with him … Then it turned out that they had made a bet for a certain amount – whoever catches up with them and fails. ”    

The above stories may be fiction, a joke, but in every joke, as they say, there is some truth. As we see, there are clients who love pain, and the rarest specimens among the “night butterflies”, who are also looking for pain. And her something in the ancient profession from different loonies, inadequacies and pimps is enough. 

Money, Money, Money

But nevertheless , the core reason was once formulated by one broken girl with bleached hair: “I am doing this to“ chop cabbage ”. She herself came from the Ulyanovsk region. She didn’t want to plant cabbage in her village. She moved for “cabbage” in megacities. Moscow, Peter, Nizhny Novgorod. “Cabbage”. This word most often sounded in the answers of my interlocutors. Dollars, dollars, dollars (in those years, the “buck” was very strong, and the ruble was associated with Pinocchio and called it “wooden”).  

The Swedish legendary duo “ABBA” has a wonderful song with verified transitions in its repertoire. Two beauties are singing to the whole world (although they themselves have not been poor for a long time!) About how to live in the world of a rich man with honey and gingerbread. Literally there are such words:

Money, Money, Money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world!

That is, if absolutely perfect and respectable charming girls from the legendary ensemble sing the hymn “cabbage” with clear voices, then what can we say about ordinary girls!

Money! Money! Money! In other words, in fact, little has changed since the Neanderthals. The male gives the female a roasted piece of the leg of the lizard, and that is sex for him . A male of laughter, for the sake of, or because of Neanderthal deviations in thinking, can also give a girl a nap, tapping a Neanderthal on the head. Thus, he satisfies his lust, neutralizes aggression, and the fun is evident. And the female, doing nothing particularly in terms of physical effort, receives additional food. That was then. Today – banknotes and coins instead of the legs of the pangolin.  

Money is the beacon on which girls fly like butterflies on a candle and circle above the panel. Are landing. Mastered. Remain or leave. It is noteworthy that when the population has little money due to various kinds of economic crises and disasters, prostitution declines. The girls on the panel are a kind of litmus paper of the situation in the economy. Unemployment, for example, simultaneously throws new “fighters” (laid-off secretaries, office managers, saleswomen) to the market for intimate services and thus reduces the demand for these services. Customers would feed their own families. Yes, and love joys lose their appeal on a hungry belly.      

In the film “Adrenaline-2. High voltage “the hero of Jason Stetham is among the striking prostitutes. Customers, and simply the male population, due to the failure of the country’s economic policy, have no money, no work, and the future is foggy. Prostitutes here act as a socially significant force: they protest against the impoverishment of men in the city. “There is no money – suck yourself!” – this is the slogan of the girls at the rally. Notice, the unemployed men themselves are sitting at home.   

Thus, money is still the most important reason women leave the panel. I believe that if someday a society is created where you want what goods and services will be provided free of charge (communism), the profession of a “night butterfly” will become a rarity.  

In the meantime, girls and women (and sometimes young guys!) Are trying their best to chop up more “cabbage” on the panel. They are still longing for the leg of the pangolin …

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