Healthy sex at any age? Three right steps

Most women — whether they are young or old, single or married — have one thing in common: they want to stay sexy. Sex is an integral part of the life of a modern person. It helps women to feel more feminine, attractive and close to their partner.  

Fatigue, stress, menopausal discomfort and side effects from medications are just some of the factors that can interfere with your sexual life. But this should not be. Here is a 3-step plan to help you keep your passion healthy and gain satisfaction. 

Accept your sexuality

Sexuality is an integral part of your “I”, your nature. Wander around the bookstore, browse catalogs on the Internet. There you will find thousands of informative books that reveal all aspects of female sexuality. You will find many psychological and physical ways that you want to try on yourself. 

Love your body, its especially attractive nuances. It can be delicate skin, velvet arms, a noble bend of the neck. Find any little things on your face or body that can be presented as your virtues, and learn to properly emphasize them.

If you think about things that give pleasure, you feel more active and attractive, and this gives confidence.

Fight the memories. Negative memories of sex are often due to previous bad experiences. Therefore, some women view today’s sex as a concession to their partner, and not as a means of revealing their personality.

Watch your health:

1. Eat healthy foods. 

2. Stay physically active. Regular exercise will relieve stress, improve your mood and help you stay fit. 

3. Protect yourself. Nothing weakens sexual passion faster than the thought of sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, there are many means of protection. Consult your doctor about this. 

Lend a helping hand to nature

Lack of desire is the most common sexual problem in women. This may be due to problems in relationships or health. 

Some antidepressants and birth control pills can suppress sex drive. Therefore, in this case, a change of drug is required.

With insufficient thyroid function, the level of androgen , a hormone that provides sex drive, can also decrease . And high levels of prolactin can cause decreased libido. All this is checked with a blood test. To restore normal levels of these hormones, certain medications are prescribed. 

Dr. Michael Plot, a psychologist, advises women of the following:

1. Do not give up proximity. Try to focus on sex itself, and the rest afterwards.

2. Communicate with your partner. Men cannot read minds. Talk to him about what you like and what not.

3. Learn new things. Both women and men are changing. There is no reason that sex and your preferences always remain the same.

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