Who needs an intimate robot?

Recently, the Japanese company Cybernetic Miracle released a new creation – a robot for services of a special kind. This miracle does not play chess or football, does not sow and does not plow. It … has sex. This is the first sex robot in the world. 

The idea of ​​such an invention matured for a long time. If robots are able to independently master the most complex movements, moving on the surface of other planets, then why not teach them how to perform “simple movements” here on Earth. 

The first attempts to imitate sexual intercourse with the help of mechanical devices were made back in the 19th century. Then in the brothels of France became popular “rocking chairs”, equipped with a twenty-centimeter phallus. Improved at the beginning of the twentieth century, the “sex bed” of the Italian Antonio Dorado had two phallus moving back and forth and allowed to try one hundred twenty different positions. 

In the eighties of the twentieth century, the prototypes of “sex robots”, of course, already had an electric drive. True, these machines for amorous pleasures were still quite heavy and uncomfortable, but they allowed women to have fun in a classic pose.

In the nineties, electronics was placed at the service of sex. The machine for “love”, something between a gynecological chair and a sports simulator, was equipped with a five-speed phallus, remotely controlled. To enhance the effect, electrodes were connected to the erogenous zones of the woman, the pulses from which by themselves could cause an orgasm. By the way, such an apparatus not only served for joy, but also cured of frigidity.

And yet , the real revolution began when the sex industry adopted the achievements of computer technology. First came devices for … remote sex. Yes, yes, thanks to the Internet, it has become possible to transmit tactile sensations for thousands of kilometers. 

To do this, devices have been created that fully simulate the genitals. Sensors that capture the smallest movements of the person who put on the device, convert information about these movements into electrical impulses. Those, having overcome unimaginable distances, are again converted into mechanical movements in a similar device, giving pleasure to the partner.

Even the transmission of three-dimensional visual images through special computer glasses is provided, so that you can see the partner as if you are in the same bedroom.

From here one step to sex robots. Why look for a partner somewhere far away? It is enough to purchase the Japanese “iron lady” or “steel gentleman.”

The president of Computer Miracle is optimistic. He believes that such work will help get rid of a second violence and sexually transmitted diseases. Why force someone if you can get a robot submissive to any desires?

A robot will never cheat on you. Such a robot is a real salvation for people suffering from complexes, the disabled and the lonely. There is no need for prostitution and brothels for perverts. Society will become morally healthier. 

Not! Sexologists and psychologists stand on their hind legs. This toy will make humanity even more soulless and selfish. And humanity itself without “live” sex can die out.

Well, for now – get acquainted: her name is Valerie, she is 175 cm tall, can hear you, see, distinguish colors, distinguish parts of the human body and caress them according to your desires. For only 35 thousand dollars.  

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