How to choose this irreplaceable product No. 2?

– Boy! Where are you taking such a hefty condom ?! – For growth!  

The condom should hold the responsible part, like a canary in hand. Weakly held – will disappear, much – you risk strangling. Therefore, product dimensions play a critical role. Of course, everyone chooses for himself. Here you need to look at both.  

Manufacturers have long known that more products need to be delivered to Africa and Arab countries, and less to Southeast Asia and Europe . And somewhere in the middle we are. 

Better pebbles in a boot than a hole in an elastic band

Researchers from the people conducted a wide variety of tests that allowed us to draw certain conclusions.

When buying condoms, pay attention to the packaging. The best says that they are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Do not forget the barcode of the country of manufacture and the batch number. And no scribble in the marking.

The packaging must be irreversibly destroyed upon opening. If the product itself is of uneven thickness, with smudges, wrinkles and deformations , this is a fake. The putrid smell of the product also speaks of low quality. 

Pull the rubber

Manufacturers of products carry out complex tests, up to checking for electrical breakdown. Then proudly put a mark: “Checked by electronics.”

We cannot do this, but you can use a fairly reliable test for breaking a condom with water. Pour water into it until it bursts. Three liters of water will enter it – excellent, two or two and a half – also not bad, but if it breaks after one and a half liters – do not buy this brand more.   

From this point of view, perhaps the best is SICO (Germany). Not bad proved themselves PREVENTOR (Belgium), INNOTEX (France), KAZANOVA (India). But ROMANTIC, INTIMITY and OPIUM clearly let us down. Moreover, in some specimens of the latest brand there are holes. But this is not a sock, you can’t stop a hole

Goal justifies contraceptives

In the world of condoms, there are many different gadgets. We list some so that you know what to look for:

First of all , form. Although not it determines the content. Textured condoms are equipped with erotic twists for tickling: pimples, ribs, circles. Contoured condoms are tight-fitting condoms. These will not fly away. Decorative condoms are a great surprise for a partner. That’s just they are unreliable, with all the ensuing details.   

I don’t know why they are being released, but there are products not only multi-colored, but also glowing in the dark. And there are those with a light on the tip. And what does it light there?

Flavored condoms smell like cognac, chocolate, strawberries. In a word, everything is on any scent. And for lovers of oral sex and taste. There are products with honey, mustard, pepper. Lick your finger!

Spermicidal lubricated condoms provide double protection. The composition of the lubricant includes drugs that suppress the vital activity of sperm. Exciting substances are added to some lubricants, and anesthetics to others , which allow prolonging love games. 

And here is the novelty. Condoms with nozzles to increase the working body. This is a complex reusable action design. But there are those in which the same effect is achieved not at the expense of mechanics, but at the expense of chemistry.  

Interactive condoms are in fashion. A smart condom with a speaker publishes up to 20 phrases along the way, for example, if the condom is torn, he shouts: “Man overboard!”. Musical condoms, whistling a popular tune in the midst of work, are simpler.

There are condoms that respond to sperm composition and change color if the person is sick. And condoms for jealous people change color if in the interval between dates the woman had someone else. This tricky little thing remembers the biochemical information about the “owner”, and then searches for traces of other people’s male enzymes, and if it finds it , it changes color.  

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