What is a quick? Part three

Quick. Quick sex with a stranger. I can understand the statements of women, “giving themselves just like that” that, supposedly, life is short, and you need not deny yourself some of the pleasures. I agree, life is not very long. If by the standards of space time – 11 seconds. Once – and burned. And therefore, if you want to eat a sandwich with black caviar – take it and eat it. If you want to visit Paris – save up and go. If you want with someone … Stop. Are the concepts “sandwich with black caviar” and “sex with a stranger” commensurate ? ..      

“My beast, you forgot something”

The maximum problem that I can get on my head after eating a black caviar sandwich is poisoning. But vomiting after a meal with the presence of stale caviar on the table and the consequences after having sex with a stranger are incommensurable concepts. This, as comedians say about how they say in Odessa, is two big differences. Imagine the notorious sex beaten in hundreds of books and dozens of films with a stranger in an elevator. The elevator is stuck. The light goes out. A certain amount of time passes. An alien body sniffs excitingly nearby, you start a meaningless conversation, flowing smoothly into your arms, passionate kisses and sex on a dirty floor. Am I missing something?   

Oh yes! Contraception! Something I never saw in any plot and did not read in any story about this moment. The moment when the girl says – “my beast, you forgot something.” 

Have you also not seen this in numerous short and oral stories?

Now, when even the monkeys in the zoo know everything about protection, and the gorilla population is in danger of extinction due to the use of protective means by human hairy relatives, it would be foolish to think that civilized people are capable of such a rash act as sex with a stranger without a condom. 

However – capable! The number of abandoned children in shelters is a clear indication that sex without a condom is practiced on our glorious land all the time, and is not something out of the ordinary. But let’s reward our woman stuck in the elevator with Spinoza’s brain and Hakamada’s intelligence. 

Let her handbag be packed with condoms, which she proposes to use in the pitch darkness for her “beast” as intended. Uses? In your sober look? That’s just the point, at best – 50/50. Extreme means risk. Quick is at risk. He is born of risk. By stress. Who can act adequately under stress? People who are specially taught this. Moreover, even special forces officers are sometimes lost in an unscheduled situation. And it’s even more “unplanned situation” than having sex with a stranger in an elevator, and it’s hard to imagine! And the woman in the elevator is not an employee of the special forces, unfortunately … 

Perhaps, or how short life

Life is, in fact, short.
And we used to shorten it in all available ways. We are told about the dangers of smoking – we smoke, we are instilled with respect for the rules of the road from childhood – we cross roads in the wrong places. Perhaps carry. Perhaps it will cost.  

With someone, but not with me. Man is a creature incapable of trying on terrible circumstances. None of the recruits going to war expect to die. It is simply impossible to imagine how the sun will rise in the mornings, how the sky will rain on the earth, how the next spring will come, but you won’t see it. 

None of those who take such a step as sex with a stranger thinks at the very moment of intercourse (what a wonderful moment!) That there are terrible diseases on earth that can not only shorten human life, and can simply take it away. Do not think about the fact that maybe – the value is variable. And AIDS is not a fiction of evil scientists-deceivers, but a very real disease, it is quite real and, worst of all, it is rapidly spreading in our vastness.   

Statistics do not just say. She screams in the dry language of numbers. And these figures are taken from official sources, and how much the data from official sources differ from the real ones is not for me to tell you. 

A condom is the only means known at the time of this writing to protect against the plague of the late twentieth, and at least the beginning of the twenty-first century. With a couple of reservations. Even if a woman in a dark elevator or a man in the same elevator can mentally drench themselves in a tub of icy water of prudence, and use this ancient means of protection, the possibility that they will not become infected will decrease, but … will not disappear!  

The fact is that store shelves are full of affordable, colorful goods, but often simply useless in the fight against AIDS. There are several companies that supply the market with appropriate quality contraceptives. The rubber must be of a certain composition in order to exclude its porosity and any possibility of the virus penetrating from point A to point B. Here it is. Sadly, but … naturally. 

Every athlete involved in extreme sports knows that there is some kind of minimum percentage that he can at least be in the hospital with at least a sprain. Every woman involved in a quick should know that there is quite a minimum percentage of the possibility that she can meet again with a man with whom the time so pleasantly swept in the dark elevator. In the center for the rehabilitation of AIDS patients and HIV-infected.
And this is a harsh reality. Such things will not be said in the telecast about “the joy of quick sex”, they will not be written in the story about “such fashionable sex with a stranger” …  

Is it worth it? 

In fact – is it worth it? Perhaps it is not necessary to recklessly cross out for the sake of a stupid, unnatural fashion what has developed over the centuries? After all, there has always been that which is vicious, and that which is normal. Some concepts underwent changes, some things were previously quite acceptable, however, over the centuries, they began to be considered shameful and unacceptable.  

But after all, we will not, likening to ancient people, go into the forest and hunt, kill the boar, in order to make it a sausage that goes to sandwiches for children at school? That’s right – that would be stupid. We can buy ready-made sausages in the nearest grocery store. Perhaps you should not give up flowers so pleasant to every female heart, candlelight dinners and enveloping magic of the words of a loved one?  

Exchange it for sweaty sniffles in the dark? To the sticky touches of unfamiliar hands? In terms of this quik, I see it as an ideal salvation for boys who do not have money for gifts to their loved ones, for the likeness of men who can’t connect two words, for all kinds of quiet perverts and simply mentally abnormal people.

This is my personal opinion, and it did not work out of the blue.
And to you, mentally healthy, beautiful, smart, and insanely attractive women and men, I wholeheartedly wish to remain healthy, loved, and infinitely happy from the feeling that someone is someone, but you definitely need a quick

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