Who are “privileged friends”? Friendship Sex Movie Review

I’ll start from afar. It used to be like that? Skipping the unreasonable nursery, our parents came face to face, or rather ear to ear, at the school desk. While she let him write off the controls and compositions, he methodically pulled her braid and knocked her down during a break, hoping to draw attention to his modest person.

Then came crumpled notes, the first trips to the cinema, timid kisses in the front door, oaths of eternal love and other quiet joys that imperceptibly transform into real adult relationships. The wedding night for the majority was really the first, although there were surprises here.

Nowadays, the fairy tale is noticeably reduced. To marry a virgin is a bad manners. Cohabitation was favorably called “civil marriage.” Failure to have children is a fashion trend. Love for money is just one of the services industry offers. We will not condemn these deviations, for to each his own. In Hollywood, for example, free morals have long been not the subject of ridicule, but a pretext for creating “identical from the face” romantic films that differ from each other only in the cast and soundtrack.    

… Fate brought Dylan and Jamie by chance. He is a successful blogger, creative person, art director of a large company from Los Angeles. She is a personnel officer, “bounty hunter.” Jamie invites Dylan to New York to offer him a position in the popular men’s magazine GQ. Unlike a girl enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, Dylan, who grew up on the shores of a California beach, is in no hurry to join the hype of a huge metropolis. But in the end, he agrees, sincerely believing that he will thereby expand his horizons.   

Both are young, attractive, ambitious and sexy. Both have in the recent past a failed romantic relationship. Therefore, when Dylan offers nothing to do, Jamie offers to sleep, she, without thinking twice, agrees. But! Without mutual obligations, jealousy, resentment, emotional outbursts and gifts for Valentine’s Day. Just friendly sex, based on mutual agreement and trust. Who needs broken hearts when you can just have sex and not go into the details of other people’s experiences? 

Of course, the situation soon gets out of hand. The older generation, despite its boisterous youth, hardly understands the essence of the relationship between young people. And the “sex friends” themselves are tired of constantly proving to others that they are not connected by anything, besides physical exercises in bed. However, it’s so easy to step over their own convictions, they also can’t. Intrigue of the year: can Dylan and Jamie overcome their own fears for joint happiness? You can be sure …   

Considering that there are less and less fresh ideas every day, and the number of people who want to earn extra money on their implementation is growing steadily, there are more and more Tuziks for each heating pad. That’s the theme of “friends with privileges” (that’s how the original name of the painting by Will Glack sounds in the original) immediately attracted two film crews. Ivan Reitman, director of the comedy More Than Sex, was unlucky twice. First, distributors wrapped the working name of the tape “Fuck Buddies”, which clearly did not fit into the MPAA (American Film Rating) standards. And then it turned out that Glack and his comrades were already filming a similar tape with the same name. 

As a result, with a half-year difference in America, two clone films were released describing the same situation. It’s funny that the final name of the Wrightman painting (“No Strings Attached”) was clearly borrowed from the work of the boy group N’Sync, whose leader was Justin Timberlake, who played the main role in the rival film “Friendship Sex”.  

In fact, if you saw one movie from this tandem, then the second is not necessary to watch. Only personal preferences can become a key reason: someone likes Timberlake more, someone Natalie Portman. Assume that someone is pleased to look at Ashton Kutcher, I can not, I’m sorry. With Mila Kunis, Timberlake’s partner, everything is also uneven. The actress is clearly progressing from project to project (in The Book of Eli, she wanted to, as a minimum, strangle, and as a maximum, strangle twice), but so far does not reach the required condition.

Such opuses cannot be taken seriously. Even the heroes of the film themselves, sitting on the couch and watching another soap opera, think thoughtfully about the stereotyped filmmakers and the complete lack of imagination of the authors of cheap melodramas. It would seem , what a chance to get even and take off something really original. Alas, half an hour of screen time will pass and these same “subversive clichés” will exactly repeat the words and deeds that Hollywood has been feeding on for the past years … ninety.  

The movie turned out nice, but stupid. That is, half the film, the authors are trying to prove to us that sex without commitment is incredibly cool and modern. No, you understand, problems, depressions there, sleepless nights and tears on the pillow. Career progresses without brakes, while one body is working, the other is resting. The head is not loaded with unnecessary gasps and obvious progress is evident in everything that does not concern personal life. The second half of the film, the same people suddenly begin to suck in audiences the truths about the value of true love, the search for the second half and the ill-fated glass of water.   

I don’t argue, in real life this does not happen. As they say, swam, swam, and described on the shore. It happens to everyone. When four are involved in the writing process, it’s not easy to agree. The result was a purely Krylov fable. And he drew a good idea into the pool of platitudes and cliches. And we want to believe that difficult life circumstances forced the heroes to look closely at each other, but I did not notice any circumstances or a diligent thought process on the faces of the characters. Just at first it seemed to them that way, and then that way.

Verdict: not everything is as bad as expected. The music behind the scenes is decent, albeit pop. Woody Harrelson as a blue sports reviewer – just sparkle. The younger female generation will be delighted with Timberlake’s neat ass constantly flashing on the screen, and the male generation will be disappointed not only with the size of Mila Kunis, but also with an unopened topic of this size. The film earned its R rating in the USA well-deservedly, but the producers did not earn extraordinary profits from demonstrating the supposedly “forbidden fruit”. A ride on “Friendship Sex” in the cinemas sluggishly, without enthusiasm. It is understandable: no matter how hard Justin tried to sing in the frame, the project “live and build” did not help anyone.

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