Entertaining sexology: what’s new?

Everyone loves to have sex (well, or almost everything), but some people professionally study this interesting thing. No, I’m not talking about easy behavior and not even about “macho” and “cauldrons”. Although these guys often practice, they don’t know much about the subject. But sexologists study the manifestations of human sexuality from the most scientific point of view. And their information is complete and objective, for that they are scientists. 

These specialists are not only studying pathologies. Although they do not disdain to study all sorts of deviations, but at the same time they can tell a large number of interesting and useful knowledge about normal sexuality. I hasten to share a brief summary of some studies and fascinating facts from the world of sexology.

Fact one: there is something to strive for

Yes, sexologists have an extremely grateful job. After all, it turned out that sexual relations in a pair can always be improved! It turned out that in this case there is no one hundred percent “we do not fit each other.” Of course, there are such things as, for example, different sizes, shapes, temperaments (when one by nature needs a lot and often, and the other is small and rare) or a mismatch in the acceptability ranges (which one wants and is normal, the other – shame, shame and “never”). But all sorts of sexological tricks, techniques and arrangements can help even these couples. There would be a desire, there would be no doom.     

Fact two: a little about erogenous zones

Scientists have found that the erogenous zones on the female body are not only scattered (for many women, the neck, the inner surface of the hips and … the area between the shoulder blades are especially sensitive) are also unstable. Sexologists discovered the fact of migration of erogenous zones: they didn’t excite a woman, for example, breast caresses, but ten years passed – and suddenly I liked it. Yes, so much that orgasm has come. And this happens even with those ladies, at the beginning of their sexual life there was a complete absence of especially sensitive zones! Erogenous zones can appear, develop and … migrate. Examine each other again – what suddenly appeared, and you are not in the know?    

Third fact: the secrets of “fire” in a long relationship are revealed

Many of us know from experience: a burning attraction “relies” at the beginning of a relationship, but not the fact that the severity of feelings will remain for a long time. Nature injects a ton of hormones into the ardent bodies of lovers, but how to make sure that passion does not disappear over time? The question is not simple. Caring, tenderness, responsibility for a partner is, of course, beautiful, but not particularly sexy. We rarely get aroused by a sweet, long-familiar and learned. Attracts a new, aggressive, vibrant, impressive. So mature love is not sexy ?! Psychoanalysts dig deep. They say that attraction decreases with the appearance of parental feelings for a partner. Which, in general, is logical: no one has canceled the ban on incest. The question arises: how to combine care and passion? The study showed that there are two ways to maintain fire in a long-term relationship in pairs.    

Firstly, it is … keeping a distance. Men are especially sensitive to this: should a lady leave for a short time (physical separation) or be carried away by some occupation (emotional separation), she immediately becomes especially needed and interesting. The second way to stir up passion is to see a long-known partner in an unusual environment. That is not at home. Desire arises when we see our partner as new, different, unusual. Surely many people noticed that another person is transforming in society, becoming either more confident, or elusively mysterious, or interesting to other individuals of the opposite sex … And it turns on! We are sexually attracted to the unknown. Including new (or long forgotten) facets of the personality of your own partner. So ladies’ “let’s go somewhere” is about wanting more.    

The fourth fact: these methods are not only two

Yes, the new is sexy. This rule works even from this angle: new information about sex is exciting. So a joint study of the different facets of sexuality (for example, textbooks on sexology) can easily arouse interest and curiosity for each other.   

A useful exercise is to write everything you know about your sexuality. And it will be especially cool to tell your partner about this. This is a great practice for couples who are not afraid to say “about it”. 

Of course, everything is individual, but there are general features of the formation of sexual desire in men and women. 

Dam is exciting when they see the “truly masculine” qualities of their partner: when he acts boldly, decisively, aggressively (it is women who complain most often about the lack of these qualities!). We are turned on when a man is active, when he transforms the world around him, and does not passively adapt to circumstances.

Men are aroused when a woman is beautiful and able to brazenly and shamelessly enjoy a variety of activities and conditions. “Beautiful” is, of course, a subjective concept. Here, as they say, the taste and color. But the lack of lingerie can add points to the beauty of the ladies.  

The ability to have fun is what excites many men. Studies have shown that women who are able to achieve orgasm are more likely to receive offers from the hand, heart, and other parts of the body. How men read this information is a mystery, but it turned out that with some sixth sense they very precisely understand which of the women achieves sexual discharge and which does not.   

(In my opinion, the attractiveness of such women is connected with the general relaxedness, the ability to relax, in a good sense, lose control over themselves and completely trust the man, and the achievement of orgasm is one of the consequences of these psychological characteristics. However, my job is to share information and draw conclusions yourself.)  

Sexology is a very interesting field of knowledge. At least simply because for a long time the topic has not been studied by anyone. All this was done, but no one spoke about it. But now we have the opportunity to find out “about it” the most objective facts. And, of course, use them for good .

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