When you need funds for potency, and when you can do without chemistry

Potency problems or erectile dysfunction are more or less familiar to many men. For most, one or two misfires in bed become the reason for resorting to drugs to improve potency and chemical stimulation of erection. In practice, it turns out that the use of various drugs, from hormonal stimulants to dietary supplements, is redundant, and the problem can be solved in other ways. Let us consider in more detail the cases when it is worth and when you should not resort to the use of stimulants.

What causes erectile dysfunction

To effectively improve potency, you first need to know the reasons for its decrease. Problems may arise for the following reasons:

  • Prostatitis.
  • Natural age-related processes of aging.
  • Psychological problems.
  • Change in hormonal levels.
  • General deterioration of the physical condition of the body.

It is important to immediately identify the problem, so as not to begin treatment for a non-existent disease or to combat an absent problem. First of all, it is worth worrying only if a weak erection began to manifest itself regularly, and is not a one-time case provoked by external factors. Identify the reasons will help appeal to a specialist, which, depending on the problem, can be both a urologist and a psychologist.

When do I need pills?

Preparations for improving potency are not divided into two main groups:

  • Hormonal – increase the level of testosterone and libido in men.
  • Stimulating local blood circulation – cause blood flow and improve its circulation in the pelvic organs.

Switching to the use of tablets is worth it if there is a hormonal malfunction or physiological problems with blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The cause of these deviations, as a rule, is age-related changes in the body that begin at the age of over 55, when various stimulant drugs can be prescribed. In some cases, they can be prescribed due to pathologies of the prostate and other physiological problems, in combination with other drugs.

Do not self-medicate. Stimulating drugs do not have the effect of accumulation or addiction, but depending on the type of active substance, they can create an additional burden on the cardiovascular system and have other negative factors affecting the body.

Pills-free potency improvement

If there are no serious diseases and other pathologies and problems leading to a deterioration in potency, it will be possible to restore it by a variety of other means. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • Relieving psychological stress – depends on the ability to switch. Stress at work can affect performance in bed. It is important to be able to forget about problems without projecting them onto an intimate life. 
  • Psychological fatigue from each other – a long stay with one partner can make an intimate life lean. Various visual and other fantasy stimulants will help to solve the problem, starting from outfits for role-playing games and intimate toys, ending with the use of BDSM and other thematic hobbies. 
  • Proper nutrition – for the stable operation of the body, including for a long, high-quality and reliable erection, you need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Need more lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as a complete rejection of fatty, unhealthy foods. 
  • Getting rid of excess weight – extra pounds impair blood circulation, lead to hormonal malfunctions and many other problems, including erectile dysfunction. 
  • Exercise – reasonable sports loads, primarily stimulating blood flow to the pelvic organs will be very useful for restoring potency. 

To avoid glitches in bed, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, to have a partner whom you can trust and which will not aggravate the problem with your own misunderstanding. And of course, you need to monitor the diversity of intimate life, making it brighter with the help of various games, toys and other devices that can give pleasure to both partners.

Convenient helpers

Useful potency creams can be an alternative to pills . Local exposure is much safer, with a similar effect. Cream or gel causes a hard erection. Apply it before intercourse. The action lasts 20-30 minutes, but you can repeat the application. Vacuum pump is a reliable assistant in maintaining an erection. The pressure difference allows you to cause maximum excitation. Then, with the help of an erection ring, it is possible to keep what has been achieved for half an hour. The pump allows you to get a noticeable result in a few seconds, all this without side effects. Suitable for use at any age. If the excitation occurs, but does not last very long, you can buy an erection ring . It is worn at the time of excitation and prevents the outflow of blood from the penis. This allows you to satisfy your partner and be confident in your abilities. You can use it even with condoms, it looks very stylish, enhances the sensation of sexual intercourse. Tablets are not the best solution, before using them you need to consult a specialist. But sex toys can be used without the permission of a doctor. 

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