How to quickly remove traces of flogging?

Even after the most ordinary love act, traces can remain on the body – suction, scratches, even small bruises. And if the couple is fond of BDSM practices, then the traces of the past session become quite commonplace. Someone is ready to enjoy the look of bruises and marks from flogging, someone loves to secretly examine the marks of ropes on the skin. However, there are situations when you need to get rid of all this, and urgently. Is this real? Of course, a lot depends on the type of skin, on its sensitivity. The type of damage, their intensity, also plays a role. But in general, quite a lot can be done to hide the traces , or at least make them less visible and ensure their quick healing.  


What can be done in advance?

If you know in advance that the tracks are extremely undesirable, but still want to have fun properly, you can take some measures in advance. So, flogging on the buttocks usually leaves less bruising than on the back, for example. However, this is not relevant for everyone, each organism is individual. Bastinado usually leaves no traces at all.

It is also worth keeping in mind the features of devices. Light lashes leave red streaks, but not long-term marks. You can use light multi-tailed lashes, if a person needs, for example, tomorrow for a physical examination to the doctor.

Also worth keeping in mind is warming up. If you do not start right away with harsh exposure, the possibility of serious bruising will be minimal. And of course, you need to calculate the strength of the maximum impact in general.

Bruises after flogging – how to clean?

In general, the sooner measures are taken to get rid of bruises, the more effective the result will be. Immediately after flogging it is worth making ice. A long contrast shower is also recommended. Cold is exceptionally effective in the first 2 hours, but then almost useless. The iodine grid, which can be done after applying the cold, also helps. From improvised means, we can recommend a leaf of cabbage, which is simply tied to the affected area at night. Top it is covered with a film. By the way, this option also helps from the effects of injections!
In addition, it is worth keeping in mind ointments that help bruises quickly resolve. However, there is one caveat to keep in mind. If there are abrasions or scratches, any open wounds – many ointments and creams will be contraindicated. In such cases, it is worth buying at the Advantan pharmacy. However, if it was not about rattan flogging and there are no special lesions on the skin, removing bruises will help:

  • Troxevasin , considered a universal “rescue” tool in the ranks of topics BDSM. It is best used immediately after flogging.
  • Dikul balm – similar to the previous remedy. 
  • The ambulance balm is exactly the same. 
  • Hepatrombin – to improve blood circulation, which will allow bruises to quickly disappear due to natural metabolism. However, it is not used immediately, but later. 
  • Dolobene or Heparoid with severe bruising. 

Ideally, it is worth taking care of the purchase of such ointments and balms in advance – again, so as not to lose precious time to buy and have time to apply the medicine immediately after sensual pleasures. If you are fond of sexual practices that can be traumatic, a specific set of drugs should always be at hand. This applies to fans of flogging, and bandages, and all other extremists who appreciate unusual experiments in bed. In addition, it is always worthwhile to discuss in advance permissible measures of influence, remember about stop words, even if the level of mutual trust in a pair is very high. After all, all this is banal safety standards.

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