How to decorate the genitals?

In a person, everything should look beautiful. And not only the face and exposed parts of the body, but also the intimate area. People practiced pubic decor in antiquity, as they believed that this would help attract partners and add piquancy to love joys. What are some ways to decorate that part of the body?

Intimate haircut

The ancient Egyptians learned to give hair in the inguinal zone a kind of hairstyle. The Romans mastered the painting of pubic hair and their curling. In the Muslim East, a smooth-shaven groin is preferred. Complete removal of hair in the bikini area is called “Brazilian hair removal.” The clean-shaven pubes enable samba dancers to wear micro-thongs.

When choosing a model of intimate hairstyles, one should take into account the peculiarities of physique. Owners of magnificent forms are suitable for vertical drawing (“runway”, inverted cone). It is better for thin people to leave a wide tuft of hair on the pubis, located horizontally.

Body art

The smooth inguinal zone is an ideal place for body art. You can apply a funny or erotic pattern using special stencils. For painting use safe body paints. They hold well on the skin (up to 2 weeks).

The images made by henna (biotatu) look incredibly refined. For their application, it is better to use the services of a wizard. In no case should you draw on the pubis with a felt-tip pen or ordinary paints. Such “art” can cause irritation on the skin.


Unlike short-term body art, a tattoo is applied for life. It is extremely difficult to derive it, so you need to think carefully about the choice of drawing. The main areas for posting pictures are:

  • pubis;
  • buttocks;
  • inner side of the thigh.

Performing a tattoo in such places does not cause pain. But if you make a drawing on the mucosa, this will cause many unpleasant moments.


A new popular trend in the field of intimate design is called “vajazzling” (“vagina that dazzles with brilliance”). It involves creating a pattern in the groin using rhinestones. For these purposes, special kits are sold. These include crystals, stencil, waterproof glue.

A brilliant image stably holds on the body from 2 to 5 days. Then the pebbles are removed, previously smeared with baby oil. Rhinestones can be wiped and reused. The crystals have a smooth surface, so they will not hurt the partner during sex. The fashion for wajazzling was introduced by the American film star Jennifer Lough Hewitt.


The pioneer of genital piercing was the spouse of British Queen Victoria. The male dignity of the prince was significant and caused a lot of trouble when wearing clothes. The monarch solved the problem in a non-standard way: the genitals were attached to the trousers with the help of a ring inserted in the head of the phallus. Piercing quickly became fashionable and was named in honor of the inventor – “Prince Albert.”

The anatomical structure of women provides more opportunities for piercing. The piercing can be done on the pubis, clitoris hood, labia, at the entrance to the vagina. Varieties of female piercings are called beautifully – “Princess Diana”, “Nefertiti”, “Christina”, “Isabella”.

Anal rhinestones

A variety of sexual life will also make all kinds of devices for intimate games. For effective design of the anus, you can use the butt plug with a crystal at the base . The expanded part is inserted into the anus and stimulates the muscles. The presence of the plug enhances euphoria during sex, and also prepares a person for penetration into the anus. 

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