What turns men on

Women are sure that the sexual nature of men is primitively simple and there is nothing difficult in bringing them into an excited state. For this, a short skirt, deep neckline, revealing underwear, bright lipstick, high heels and curls loose over the shoulders are enough. But things are not as simple as they seem. In fact, there are little things that can excite a man much more than banal female seduction techniques. You will be surprised to know what these pathogens are.

Lack of makeup

The shocking truth is that men love natural beauty, without flashy makeup or fancy hairstyles. As a rule, a woman who has put her beauty on display should not be touched, kissed, hugged, stroked, or ruffled with her hair. God forbid, hairstyle deteriorates, lipstick smears or mascara crumbles! Artificial beauty can only be admired like a porcelain doll in a museum. And this inaccessibility and inaccessibility does not at all arouse warm feelings in men. But a woman without makeup, so sweet, simple and touching, just wants to be hugged, cuffed and kissed.

Ease of lifting

Men really appreciate in their companions their ability to get together in a matter of minutes and go with them to an unscheduled meeting with friends, or on a hike, or on a romantic trip to distant lands. Their spontaneity is akin to adventure. And what man does not like adventures that give a feeling of excitement, novelty and unpredictability? With an easy-going woman, you will never be bored. And this is very important for men.


Today you will not surprise anyone with a healthy lifestyle and strict diets according to the most modern systems. Men are bored, so in their eyes a girl who refuses to eat steak or dessert in a restaurant is a bore. Also, say that you don’t eat after six, and your chances of capturing his attention will definitely be reduced to zero. It is much more interesting for men to women who can afford to eat a piece of cake or juicy meat, who do not pretend and do not chew a leaf of lettuce all evening. In men, there is an association between gastronomic and sexual appetite, which subconsciously causes arousal and attraction .

Tousled hair

An imperfect hairstyle on a woman looks cute and homely. Slightly tousled strands give you tenderness and carelessness, spontaneity and romance. It’s not scary to iron such hair, run your fingers in it, hide your face in it. All this cannot but attract a man. Moreover, this is a signal that you belong only to him and consider him so close that you allowed yourself to be imperfect.


No matter how much we try to convince men that they have a dominant role in relationships, in practice they want something completely different. Any initiative on the part of a woman breaks stereotypes, surprises and excites. Intrigue and the effect of surprise heat up interest and translate it into arousal on a physical level. Take the initiative more often in everyday matters, even in bed.
It turns out that excitatory factors are not so primitive in men. If you look at it, they are worried about quite earthly things: naturalness, tenderness, openness, defenselessness. But with all this, beautiful lingerie should not be written off. If we really excite, then it is complex!

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