6 proofs that size doesn’t matter

Quite often from women you can hear impartial reviews about a sexual partner just because they were not impressed by the size of the penis. A quite natural question arises: “Is this fact really so important for achieving sexual satisfaction”? Here are some of the arguments of experts that refute this statement.

1. A woman perceives the image of a partner as a whole, and not in detail. 

You met a man and you liked him. Why? You didn’t look into his pants and didn’t estimate the size of his penis. The man attracted attention with his appearance, manner of behaving in society, erudition, sense of humor, etc. Psychologists say that at the moment when a man and a woman are attracted to each other, they evaluate a holistic image, and not specific details.

2. Getting pleasure is a psychological factor, not a physiological one 

Let’s say you met a nice guy with a normal penis size, and by coincidence you ended up in the same bed. However, for some inexplicable reason, he is unpleasant to you. In this case, it is unlikely that sex with him will bring the desired pleasure. But when there is a man next to you, albeit not quite cute, but causing a storm of positive emotions, then sex with him will seem enchanting, even if the size of the genitals is smaller than you want.

3. Women have many erogenous zones 

Sex therapists warn that the female body has many characteristics. Even if a man is lucky, and he has the dignity of an impressive size, this still does not mean anything. Without stimulation of sensitive areas (erogenous zones), ladies cannot get proper arousal, therefore, achieve maximum pleasure and experience an orgasm. Therefore, men who explore the female body with their hands and lips have a better chance of success even with a smaller penis.

4. Smell is important too 

Be honest with yourself. Which man is more attracted to: having a modest-sized penis or exuding an unpleasant odor? The answer suggests itself.

5. Physiological incompatibility is rare. 

Let’s remember the lessons of anatomy. The average size of a man’s penis in an excited state reaches 12-18 cm, while the length of the vagina is 7-10 cm.During intimacy, when the female body reaches the peak of arousal, our internal genitals become very flexible and adapt to the size of the penis. An exception is men who have a penis size of 20-25 cm. However, now there are many additional devices that help to escape traumatic situations.  

6. The alternative to size is emancipation and ingenuity 

Today there is a lot of literature, which describes in detail what position is best used during intimacy for closer contact and maximum satisfaction. It is from such books that you can get ideas for improving your intimate life. The most important thing is that you really want it.
If you thought that the reason for dissatisfaction with intimacy lies in the inappropriate size of the partner’s penis, now you are convinced that this is not the case. There are always options for how you can fix the situation. The main thing is to love your partner and be willing to find compromises, and not a replacement for him.

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