How to finish without orgasm

Many women sin by imitating an orgasm in order to flatter their partner, not hurt his tender feelings and end sexual intimacy with a logical ending. We are so arranged that not every intimate contact can cause us the highest degree of pleasure. And the partner is not always to blame. The cause can be a variety of external factors: fatigue, anxiety, stress, mood, environment. But a man tries and expects an orgasm from us, as praise for his caresses and as confirmation of his skill in bed. That is why we pretend and mislead him, so as not to escalate the situation and not give rise to unnecessary conversations, complexes and problems in relationships. But this is exactly the case when good intentions are a “disservice”. By imitating an orgasm, we only harm ourselves and our partner, and our sexual life in general. Experts call other ways to finish in sex without faking an orgasm. 

Warn your partner in advance

If you are just starting a relationship with a partner, then it is wiser to immediately negotiate this situation with him. Think in advance of what you will say so as not to be obscured and not lost. Explain to your chosen one that it is difficult for you to achieve orgasm, but you are loyal to it. Emphasize that you get great pleasure from the process itself and contemplation of the male body, from caresses and the partner’s reaction to what is happening.


The most difficult thing is when you have been in a sexual relationship with a partner for a long time, and during this entire period you have simulated orgasms. You can honestly confess to him, emphasizing that the problem is not in him, but in you. Ask him for understanding and support in finding ways to solve the problem situation. But if you don’t have the courage to tell the truth, hint that over time it becomes more difficult for you to reach the peak of pleasure, and you need to find alternative options for positions, caresses and the atmosphere in which you are used to having sex. Perhaps this joint search will give a positive result, and the experiment will benefit both of you.

Teach him to please you in other ways

Many women are used to reaching orgasm by masturbating. Show your partner how to bring you to an enchanting ending. Be patient while teaching your man your special technique. When he understands exactly how you like it, you will get mutual pleasure.

Announce finish

If you see how your partner is trying, but you understand that you cannot achieve the highest satisfaction today, do not torture yourself or him – just declare that it is time to “round off”. This can be done as follows: in a fit of passion, ask him to cum (for men, this option works a win-win). You can also say how he exhausted you, what a fine fellow he is, but you are unlikely to have enough strength to continue, ask them to take pity on you – men like that too.
Use any of the options for the successful completion of the sexual process without offending your partner. The main thing is not to waste time and do not be silent! Communication and female ingenuity will help you get out of the situation with dignity, without hurting the ambitions of a man, and without resorting to the theater in bed.

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