What to give a man: a list of good, useful and very sexy ideas

The most desirable, practical and simply beautiful from all sides gift for a man for the New Year is socks.

Most of the respondents we interviewed said they would very much like to receive them.

Yes, only wishes for the length, color, material and special such small silicone inserts above the heels so that the socks would not slide off during training (who had ever heard of them ?!) were received so much that it became clear why no one was giving them this.

In case you are also at a loss with the selection of men’s socks in a gift version (and in our assortment there are definitely no such ones!), We are in a hurry to offer the second type of socks in terms of importance and strength of effect – a sex toy.

So here’s our list for a 100% New Year’s Eve hit!

Narcissus mirror

So, you have a familiar man who has a very high opinion of himself.

Do you know at least a dozen of them? We knew we wouldn’t miss.

He already has a mother who assures that no one is worthy of him. There is a full-length mirror, and a really good one, not a crooked one – refraction occurs somewhere at another stage. What does he not have?

Present him Cloneboy – a kit for making a copy of a penis at home.  

Your friend will be able to present others with pieces of his greatness. He will definitely like this!

Tourist tool

You know an independent and completely self-sufficient man.

Do not know?

Okay. Just a hiker. A lover of singing in the evenings by the fire with guitar music and gentle screeching of mosquitoes.

He probably won’t give up on a wetsuit – just don’t get confused with the size, type (wet? Dry?), Fabric thickness and leg length.

And the sleeping bag will definitely suit him. What is the comfort temperature? Here, of course, there are also options …

But where there are no options, it’s in simple inflatable dolls! A painted face, an appetizing chest of an unrealistically large size, slightly turning arms and a working hole, which is convenient to grasp when passing simple rapids. 

For summer rafting on suburban rivers – an irreplaceable equipment. Your choice will be highly appreciated!

Racer Accessory

Your comrade drives the “squandering” Impreza and wins a game of “checkers” on the streets of the city from anyone who dares to challenge him?

He has already completed all the extreme driving courses in the area and would be ready to teach himself, but no one can offer a fee suitable for his skill?

Satisfyer Men Vibration will keep it in good shape even in front of the TV, and the aggressive curves and power of this device will not leave indifferent any rider – both the winner of the Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix and the leader of starts from the traffic light on Krzhizhanovskogo Street. 

Massager for sybarite

The man has seen a lot, and worse than that, is he already sure that he has tried all the pleasures?

It is really not easy for such a person to please, and even egging him cannot be surprised.

But even for this case, there is the most pleasant news!

Machine rimming (something new?) With circular prostate massage to the accompaniment of perineal stimulation. How do you like that?
Ultimate Rim Job is his name. No experienced sybarite can resist here! 

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