When to show sex toys to a new partner?

With a new person it can be easy and comfortable in life and sex, but some naughty questions still arise. How to show him or her a collection of sex toys? How not to scare a person and ruin the relationship by showing your set for pleasure?

Partner preparation

Of course, showing sex attributes is ideal when the couple has already had sex. This will remove many difficult questions. Once intimate boundaries are passed, it is easier to discuss sex subjects. If a partner with whom sex is just planned, accidentally saw toys at home, it is not always worth focusing on this. If you don’t ask, you don’t have to talk.

Before demonstrating any sex objects, you need to find out the person’s attitude to such things. Just discuss whether he or she would like to use additional accessories. The reaction will determine how to “acquaint” your loved one with your collection. Reactions are different, there are the most common:

  • It’s interesting, I am for such things. A positive attitude and experience with these things helps. Such a person can be invited to see together what is interesting in this box. And learning the arsenal will be fun, and then it will be easy to move on to experiments. 
  • I’m not sure if this is needed. Doubts need to be dispelled, and for this it is worth showing one sex toy. It should be something harmless and small, like a vibro bullet. And it is worth showing during the demonstration that it is not dangerous, that it is interesting with it. It is important to say in words that a toy will never replace a partner. The rest of the accessories will have to be obtained gradually, rather than immediately. 
  • I’ve never had, I’m not ready to try. Fear of something unusual occurs. And it’s better not to get something after this conversation. It will take some time to bring the person to the first experience. Telling that it is fun, showing videos or articles that say that the use of additional items is the norm. It takes days or months to convince. Getting a set of accessories can cause rejection. 
  • I am totally against it. The negative position is the most difficult, it is not easy to convince a person. It is better not to show or tell anything, but to go for a trick. Let a friend or girlfriend give a comic present for any occasion – a small toy or a massager. And only the accidental appearance of such a thing will change the attitude. But showing your collection at any stage can ruin everything. It is better to buy everything anew, gradually gaining the desired set. But it can take years. 

Of course, the exact behavior should depend on the communication, the personality of the partner. The approach is different for everyone, but basic guidelines help.

What not to do in a new relationship

There can be different things in a collection of sex toys. And the demonstration of phalluses, strapons, masturbators can cause jealousy. Demonstration is possible if the person is loyal and ready for this, but you need to find out the attitude in words. And sometimes it’s better to start with something neutral rather than a huge dildo. Some toys may not work for a couple. And the rationale – they were used with a former partner . And this fact sometimes frightens off more than the very presence of such objects. Therefore, it is worth carefully selecting those things that are not associated with past experience, and only taking them into a new relationship. There is no need to be silent. If after the demonstration the partner has withdrawn into himself, if something has changed, it is important not to be silent, but to talk. Sex objects can cause different reactions. Having collars, gags, and whips can be intimidating. The realization that masturbation is present in life is shocking to someone. And this is worth saying so that it becomes clear what is happening. Demonstration of sex toys is a rather sensitive moment. And it is completely impossible to predict the partner’s reaction. But you need to tell and show, because if, after a year or two of living together, he or she stumbles upon a box with such attributes, there will be much more questions and the consequences may be worse. Therefore, you need to either open everything about preferences or throw out the set so that in the future it does not cause a conflict. 

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