Missionary in new colors: swings, stretches and spacers for a warming environment

Until April, exactly six months, the funny swing has completed its run – but this is in the open air. What are offered for the winter under the roof, we will tell in three minutes!  

Look for a point on the ceiling, or better – in the interior door jamb, where you can drive a hook for a structure with a total weight of a little over a centner.
However, you may have an even more reliable, albeit unexpected, place to attach the hook. Take a closer look.

And we begin.

# 1: swing for fitness guru 

If a man is expected to be strong, and a woman is flexible and agile, then a ribbon swing would be the best option. Their own weight is minimal, and so is the storage volume. They are easy to take with you in the summer to nature or on a visit. And when used with them, a maximum of positions are available.
Yes, that’s really there! If you recreate a simple missionary position on a swing, the world is already starting to shine in a new way!
And they are cheaper. 

# 2: swing for romance with champagne  

Orgasm does not come to your partner while she has to keep the bar hanging? Well, well, it happens.
Your choice is a pillow and a long backrest with adjustable tilt and straps for hanging them. “Moon swing”. Because lunar, that while sitting in them you can drink sparkling wine, surrender to your partner or watch a lunar eclipse (if not cloudy). 

# 3: Tickle Strap Tapes 

If there is a hook in the ceiling, but it won’t even hold three tens of kilograms, the swing is changed to a Tickle Strap for torment . Blindfold the victim, place him in soft handcuffs and pull her arms up. Then get started tickling! Complete set of tools in one box with slings. The only but: poses that are not available in “ordinary life” with this set will not open. 

# 4: slings with loops 

Then your salvation is Positional Aid! Lightweight synthetic straps with soft neck pad, large leg cuffs and small hand loops. This is an ideal way to get out on a simple Russian bed in the Steppe Eagle pose: no stress on either the partner’s arms, or the partner’s legs and belly! Sheer pleasure, and even a swing is not needed. And you can watch the moon. Checked. If not overcast. 

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