What should I know before donating blood for an HIV test?

Before making a decision, think about how you will react to the result of the analysis.

If suddenly it turns out to be positive, what will you do, knowing that you have contracted an incurable disease today? Who do you say about this? To your family, friends, sexual partner, colleagues? How do you think they will react to this?

No matter what conclusion you come to, you should first find out all the vague questions from the healthcare providers performing this analysis. A similar procedure was called “pre-test counseling.” The consultant will help you make the decision whether to donate blood for analysis or not, taking into account the benefits and possible negative consequences of the analysis. 

If the test is positive, think to whom to tell about it. As practice shows, this should be reported only to those people whom you trust, so as not to become the object of prejudice and unhealthy interest from others.

Make sure that your blood donation for HIV is guaranteed anonymity or confidentiality.

For almost every person, the news that they are infected with HIV is a major shock. In this situation, you should contact a person to whom you can entrust your secret and speak freely on any topic.
If your acquaintance has someone infected with HIV or an AIDS patient, contact him with your problems. It is desirable that this person be nice to you and ready to share your grief. Just do not sit at home and keep your fears in yourself. As you become more desirous of sharing your feelings and doubts with someone, do it.

Remember that HIV is not transmitted through household contact. The danger of infection is only contact with infected blood and sexual intercourse.

If you are infected with HIV , practice safe sex, which means that your partner does not contact your sperm (if you are a man) or vaginal secretion (if you are a woman). You should not be a donor.   

If you decide not to donate blood for an HIV test, or if your test is negative, you should nevertheless practice safe sex. Before entering into sexual intercourse, each person should think carefully about the possible risk for himself and for the partner. Safe sex should be a sign of respect for your partner on your part. 

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