How to persuade a wife to have sex? (His wife)

Brothers in mind! I appeal to you. That is, to men. Many of you are married. Married for a long time and, apparently, forever. And many have the same problem – sex. Does your wife not want to have sex with you as often as you want? Does she have permanent headaches, lack of sleep, critical days? Is she cold in bed, doesn’t take the initiative, shies away from fulfilling conjugal duty? What a vile thing! Undoubtedly, this is a consequence of her bitchy nature. And what to do? How to change the situation, turn this “snow queen” into a hot little thing, a lustful nymph, an insatiable slut? Very simple, I tell you.   

You just need to use a few simple tricks, which I will discuss below. A woman is a complex creature, unknown and unknowable. But! She has several unconditioned reflexes, using which it is quite easy to manipulate her. So. Do not believe the vile fabrications that slip into you every now and then in the form of well-designed books entitled “How to make sex interesting after 25 years of marital fidelity” or “35 ways to return passion to family sex.” 

Full of crap, I tell you. In no case do not follow the advice of the losers who write these books. It is at least stupid and wasteful, and sometimes dangerous. For example, the advice to bring your faithful an armful of flowers, bring it to a restaurant, and then, laying candles on the apartment, reading poetry to her is simply a provocation. 

In addition to the fact that this event will finally undermine your family budget, it can cause a completely inadequate reaction from a surprised spouse, and often a fire. Spit on the back of these theorists floating in the clouds.

Return to the sinful earth. I offer you the simplest, and most importantly, cheap way to persuade your spouse to unbridled sex. You just need to perform a few simple steps. All of them fit into the framework of traditional sexual techniques. Namely, preparation – foreplay – climax.  

Masterfully executed the first two stages reduce the third to a simple formality. Therefore, focus on them.

1. In the morning (yes, you need to prepare a sled in the summer), pay attention to how your wife is dressed. It is possible that her coldness over the past three days is due to your indifference to her new costume, which so effectively emphasizes her merits, and quietly hides the flaws. Exclamations “Oh .b your mother! Where did this awesome skirt come from? ” not always appropriate, since it is possible that this is not a skirt at all, but a dress bought 3 years ago at a sale. Better neutral “You look so impressive in this … uh … clothes.” If your spouse did not perceive this as a subtle mockery, then you can safely move on.

2. Approach your spouse, and kissing your neck, say: “you have such a nice ass, I can’t wait for the evening, I’m excited”. I warn you that you should not do this at a time when in her hands are dangerous objects such as a hot curling iron, a full kettle or a hot iron. From surprise, she can commit inappropriate acts. Moreover, if she had not heard anything from you before, using foul language.

3. At lunch, unexpectedly, and as if in between cases, wash the dishes. It is possible that this will cause suspicion. Get ready for it. To the question “what have you done?” should be answered with a charming smile, and the demand “well, breathe!” draw in air. 

4. In the evening, come a little earlier, and take out the trash. Where it is located, it is better to find out in advance. As a rule, in the kitchen, under the sink. If there is no garbage, then someone has already taken it out. Do not despair, go to step 5.

5. Make dinner. It sounds threatening, I agree, but do not take everything so literally. On the way home, buy pre-cooked pizza. Read the instructions carefully. When the wife enters the house and stops dead in her tracks, casually ask her: “Honey, do you love with a crust?” Be vigilant, fainting is possible.

6. Usually already at this stage, especially sensitive women reach the first orgasm. The rest, as a rule, are already close to this. Further, everything is not so complicated. You need to change your favorite socks to clean, and sprinkle yourself a little cologne. Yes Yes! To compress the will into a fist, and sprinkle. Outside. Will have to make this sacrifice. So it is necessary.

7. The most difficult. Watch with your missus evening series. Remember that you will be rewarded for this. Be patient. Try not to let go of maliciousness, and not loudly laugh in particularly dramatic places. And no one said it would be easy! Reading some mantras with their eyes closed helps some. I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. But this has to go …

8. Actually, the preparations with the prelude are finished. The final touch may be the phrase: “don’t put on panties today, you won’t need them.” And if after all this your little wife does not pounce on you like a hungry lioness, then … then you are not married! What have their undoubted advantages. Hehe.

Good luck

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