What kind of girls do men like, or in search of the golden ark

Women often ask themselves the question: “What kind of girls do men like.” The question is clearly rhetorical, every man has a set of his mandatory requirements for the female sex, so there can be no unambiguous answer. But we will still try to understand the mechanism of male sympathy.

Male angle of view

Serious scientific centers of the world are investigating systems of male preferences. Professional psychologists have defended thousands of dissertations on this topic. But the final answer to the question “What kind of women do you like?” none of them will give you.

Speaking about the criteria by which a man chooses a woman, one cannot ignore his age. A well-known fact: to light a bright fire in an elderly man is better for young women with an elastic body. For young men, one criterion is enough – a WOMAN – and it burns.

And yet there are levers to control a man’s interest in a woman … M. Labkovsky , a professional psychologist, confirming the research of his colleagues, says that appearance is the alpha and omega of the emergence of relationships. The image of a woman is the first, second and third course.

Age, the second factor considered by a woman in a man, does not concern the male gender. This is taken into account, if only the difference is so critical that it reflects extremely negatively on the woman’s appearance: obvious signs of aging. But if a woman is interesting to a man, then 30 years between partners is not a hindrance (in such a relationship, rather, a woman will be tormented by the issue of age, which often destroys quite strong relationships built on mutual attraction and deep emotional connection).

In addition, Labkovsky , like many psychologists, did not escape the mystics. He claims that a man likes women whose image he has known since childhood, that is, a certain ideal of beauty, peeped by a man, as a rule, in his immediate environment, and he screens out contenders for the heart through this filter.

To understand the mechanism of external attractiveness, you need to understand what the concept of “like” actually means. Harvard Medical School came to the conclusion that, from the point of view of physiology, this is a one-time increase in the level of certain substances in our brain. In other words, our attraction is a simple activation of the work of certain areas of the brain.

David Bass , famous American psychologist, in his study ” The evolution of Desire : Strategies of human Mating ” emphasizes that such activity is driven by the body’s desire to reproduce. Therefore, from the point of view of biology, there are no special requirements for a woman, the main thing is health and the ability to reproduce.

The world has seriously evolved, and this has affected the perception of a woman by a man. The level of requirements has grown tenfold. Let’s consider them.


Like it or not, but the beginning of any relationship is appearance. The mechanism of “evaluate the form, accept or reject” has been working for centuries. It is important for a woman to pass this control. A man must see and appreciate in her exactly a woman, so as not to descend into comradely or neutral relations. Accepting visually means starting a relationship, and how they will develop further: they will freeze in order to be activated one day, or they will begin to develop rapidly is another matter.

So by what criteria, if we talk about appearance, you are diagnosed as a suitable option:

Top 3 “yes” to this woman” (based on a survey of men)

  1. Buttocks. Beautiful forms will close their eyes and on a chest of modest size.
  2. Legs. This is the secret – why they are. The longer, the more agile the female (the choice of the best: the strongest, hardiest individual) will I conquer? Are they a symbol of the will that needs to be broken?
  3. Chest – delight and bliss, familiar from infancy.

And only then everything else (lips, eyes ..)

Note. Men (here they are, traces of our animal nature) first evaluate what is directly related to sex. Here rises the image of VenusWillendorf : no face, sexual characteristics are sharply marked – the triumph of the body. We haven’t changed much, obviously, since those times.

The influence of appearance does not end there.

The science of the figure as the main source of attractiveness

The University of California conducted a study of the reaction of a man and a woman to each other’s appearance. For the purity of the experiment, all indicators (smell, voice, etc.) were turned off, with the exception of visual ones. And it turned out that there is no ideal generalized type of figure. But it has been observed that the choice depends on self-esteem. If the observed considered his figure extremely attractive, then he looked for a partner with a figure of equal merit. He was critical of his figure – and allowed flaws in other people’s figures.

Mark Serjeant , a scientist from the University of Nottingham , explains this by saying that a brighter than us, chosen one is a problem: we are afraid that we will be abandoned. If a partner loses in terms of external indicators, we will consider ourselves worthy of the best. And the truth is somewhere nearby:

“Harmonious relationships are possible when partners are equal” (although how many outwardly suitable couples do not get along).

So, everything connected with the figure is our subconscious, comes from childhood and our complexes. Men like the type of woman their bodies are attracted to physiologically, neurobiologically , and psychologically.

Woman primordial

  • favorite forms . Many men prefer slim women. There are those who love women with large forms, and those who prefer thin ones. In any case, men will look for harmony in the body, proportionality. Significant distortion causes rejection. No matter how much a man loves full, but a huge weight will deprive a woman of attractiveness. As well as a very thin girl will not cause delight in someone who has always preferred sophisticated silhouettes.
  • Face . This is the next marker of an interesting woman. And here the eyes and lips are in the lead. Men like full lips (as a symbol of sensuality) and big eyes (in which you can reflect yourself). But there are no rules here either. Ideally balanced faces may not cause sympathy, faces with an unusual combination of features give rise to interest: what is behind them …
  • Growth . A tall, slender girl is an aesthetic gift, an opportunity for a man to comprehensively examine the object of desire that he would like to subdue, and also effectively tease his comrades with it. A small woman with a beautiful figure is not so noticeable, but she evokes touching feelings in a man and a desire to protect and care. But these are just psychological stereotypes: a tall woman can be weak and need support, while a small woman will turn out to be strong and self-sufficient, capable of moving mountains. For a man, height is not important, unless it is one of the mandatory criteria (“well, I love small ones,” he will say). To each his own. And someone to conquer the peaks.

man-made woman

It is important for a man that even after meeting, at the next stages of the relationship, the woman should be sharply good and well-groomed. And the girls here have a lot of opportunities to correct their appearance with not always ideal physical data without any problems and operations. What is important to pay attention to?

  • Hair. Men, as a rule, still have specific preferences when it comes to hair color and length. Some people like blondes, and some redheads excite. Often they are impressed by long hair, and someone will go for the one with a boyish haircut. Hair is part of your look and style. This is what will allow you to correct your original, natural, becoming more attractive to those who are interested in you.
  • Smell . The British Psychological Society assures that there is no connection between smell and attraction, but indicates that people with a good sense of smell get more sexual pleasure than those with a poorly developed sense of smell. Smell can turn you off or draw you in… Don’t spoil your communication: keep your body clean, don’t get carried away by strong perfumes and strong-smelling creams.
  • Arms. A special part of the body that gets more attention… the women themselves. Well-groomed hands are undeniable, manicure should be reasonable: outrageousness repels.
  • Clothing. Every gift, a woman – a chic cover, clothes. Clothing is important, but not to the extent that a woman attributes to it. A well-groomed girl in stylish clothes, without screaming makeup will please anyone.

Met by clothes and let them not spend on the mind. Character

Our character is our destiny. A woman’s character is the type of relationship she has with a man that determines their outcome. Consider the traits that (according to the results of the survey after the leading appearance (27%) will always be in demand:

  • Mind (17%): spirituality, good breeding, education and individuality.
  • Sincerity (15%).
  • Kindness (13%).
  • Housekeeping (9%).
  • Loyalty (7%).
  • Decency (7%).
  • Understanding (6%): empathy, appreciation and acceptance.
  • Femininity (5%).

A man looks for selflessness, flexibility, tenderness and sexuality in a woman. He is waiting for affection, support and care.

Not so much, is it?

The woman is a dream. Under the sign of the zodiac

The horoscope will tell you what your man is looking for in a woman.

  • Aries are conquerors. They are attracted to passionate women. But for a family, he will prefer a quiet and docile one.
  • Taurus is looking for beauty in the world, his girl should be attractive and responsible. This is a faithful wife and caring mother.
  • The twins are looking for intellectually developed girls, a friend and support.
  • Cancer is looking for a coastline, he needs a very serious, responsible woman. It is important for him to see in her the desire for a family and constant concern for loved ones.
  • Leo wants to see a bright girl next to him. Well, if her friends approve. He will expect the girl to admire him and create a cult of his personality.
  • The Virgo man loves modest girls. The tendency to experiment is not welcome. To be understood, to be under his control is what he is waiting for.
  • Libras are aesthetes and gourmets in love. Often there is a girl with character and flexibility nearby, who will imperceptibly begin to control him.
  • Scorpio loves bright emotions, but for the family he will choose the best: kindness, complaisance, compassion. His woman is a good wife and friend.
  • It is important for Sagittarius to find a comrade in a girl in order to go towards goals together. Openness, originality must necessarily be in it.
  • Capricorns need to feel important. He will choose a kind and romantic one, one that will give this feeling of being needed.
  • Aquarius is interested in an independent, easy-going non-standard girl. Spirituality and a penchant for experimentation are welcome in it.
  • Pisces men will prefer a faithful, modest girl, passionate about his interests.

One + One does not always equal two. But ours will not leave us

There are no universal qualities that will please everyone, and whether you need it. Psychologists have conducted studies in which many parameters have been included. It turned out that a man falls in love with some one female trait, and often the one that she is embarrassed about. Love solves all problems, turns a blind eye to shortcomings, and virtues turn out to be your ordinary, unremarkable qualities. And it doesn’t matter how you look, everything becomes beautiful and loved when there are feelings.

And here is the time to once again recall Labkovsky , who claims that there is no need to worry that you are far from perfect, it is so arranged in nature that we are all able to find a mate, simply because there are men who have acceptance from childhood, maybe , not very aesthetic in appearance, but clearly a beloved image of a woman like yours – he will accept you. And let 1+1 be equal to two.

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