How to meet a girl in a club?

Getting to know a girl in a club is easy. The atmosphere itself is conducive. But if you ask yourself this question, then you are clearly facing some problems. Let’s see which ones.

Lonely Cowboy

Let’s say you come to a club and you see a lot of beautiful girls and smiling guys having a great time. And you haven’t yet. And you feel unwell, there is a feeling that there is you, but there is the rest of the party.

Drunk Macho

Or, for example, you come to a club, skip a couple of cocktails, start to party, find your inner state of a cheerful guy, but the moment you reached it, something went wrong. You are sure that you are an excellent dancer and a witty interlocutor, your charisma whips over the edge, sometimes into the toilet. And at the moment when you are ready to communicate with the whole world, no one is ready to communicate with you.

Candidate For Friends

And there is a third problem. You find the strength in yourself to approach a beautiful girl and chat with her. And everything is going well. But for some reason, you can’t develop success and leave with her to one of you home.

And I want to talk about actions that will help you meet a girl in a club and get around all these problems.

Take Roots

The first is that you come to the club and you like everything that is there, but you yourself are uncomfortable there. Ask yourself the question – why do people come to the club? People come here not to take someone off, people come here to have fun and relax. Your task is to start feeling as fun and cool here as they do. Therefore, your first trip to a particular club should be built as follows.

You should come without the purpose of taking someone down. And when you come, you need to break away for half the salary: spend money on drinks, treat everyone with hookahs, be the noisiest and most cheerful drunken fool in the club so that everyone remembers and loves you, but not so that you are taken away with a broken nose. And your task for this evening is to have a really good time. That is, so that you remember how embarrassing and fun it was.

The next time you go there to meet a girl in a club, absolutely everyone will know you – bartenders, waiters, manager, art director and cloakroom attendant. And everyone will smile at you, though for different reasons. And from the outside it will seem that you belong here and, perhaps, a local star. And the girls will fall for it. You and your brains will turn on at this moment, and you will begin to manifest differently. This is the first operation that will allow you to remove the barrier between you and the club and put down roots in it.

To get acquainted with a girl in a club – communicate immediately

The next rule is that you should start talking right away. In an article about internal dialogue, we found out that thoughts develop in a spiral. For example: You enter a club and in the first second you think:

“Wow, cool!”, – then: “But I’m kind of off topic ..”, – further: “What are all the nasty people here that are having fun without me …”.

Therefore, start communicating in the first 5-7 seconds with the first person you meet in order to immediately unleash your communication typhoon. I would recommend to communicate according to the principle: 3 girls – 1 man. You need to approach them in turn and talk about any topic: what, where, which of the bartenders pours better, where you can breathe fresh air here, what happened last weekend, why they didn’t bring such and such a DJ, why they didn’t let someone in club… Men can be complimented on their appearance: you have an awesome jacket or an incredible watch so that the guys melt a little, and the atmosphere in the club becomes more and more familiar to you.

After two such trips to a particular club, you will know the employees and some of the regulars, it will become easier to communicate with the guests and the barrier between you and the rest of the party will gradually be erased. Well, if even after several trips you still have the feeling that at this party you are the same fat boy who is not invited to play, then perhaps this is simply not “your” club. Choose another with the same beautiful girls.

Follow the Alcographic

If at some point you just stop controlling how much you drink and go into the dusk, then I highly recommend introducing this rule: one dose of alcohol once an hour. Well, if you are the same club bomber that does not fly without fuel, then always remember how much you drank. If you remember all 33 shots, then the flight is normal, and if you are not sure if there were 5 long shots or 8, then it’s time to stop and do not use anything for the next 3 hours. Then you will always be on the level, any second.

Calibrate Lightness

Let’s go further. You approach the girls, talk, you start a conversation, and then somehow it goes out. Why is this happening? Most likely, the point is not in the techniques and not in the fact that you are saying something wrong. Perhaps you just have the wrong approach to seduction and you think not in abundance, but in a limited number of girls. That is, in the language of protopikapers , those who crawled on all fours in cave times, ate pasture and invented a small pickup truck, this is called calibration. To meet a girl in a club, you have to look for girls who are ready to continue and this is not difficult.

When I first started studying gender relations, I thought it was very honorable to come to a club, charm, seduce and take away two sober virgin twins in front of their dad, but for some reason it never worked out.

And when I realized that there are a lot of beautiful girls who welcome easy communication, I immediately began to enjoy the clubs. Conclusion: choose girls who easily make contact. These are not those who sit languidly and sadly in the corner, and not those who are called “seagulls” because they sit at the bar, like loons on stones in search of prey. These are girls who came to hang out, spend time and look for new acquaintances.

Test Three Times

It is clear that you can screw up a thousand times, but there are 3 important tests that you must do.

Free Time Test.

If the girl has plans to go home or to another club, you should find out in the first 10 minutes.

Test for change of place in the club.

Inside the club, you can move around, take her hand and say – let’s go to the bar, to the dance floor or to fresh air. If she followed you, then this is fine and she will not show off once again.

Touch test.

If you touched her and not with the back of your hand to the ends of her hair, but hugged her waist, held her neck, wound her hair around her ear, put her hands on her shoulders, you touched each other with your pelvis and the girl was not distracted, did not distance herself, then the girl friendly and this is also a good sign.

Further technology is simple. When you have tested those girls with whom you communicate in the club, then among those who have passed all three tests, you choose the prettiest one and take you towards the dawn for the sake of your common wonderful future.

The main thing to remember is not to dwell on the thought of how to meet a girl in a club. If you came to the club – relax and enjoy everything – from the place, from people, from situations, from communicating with girls and from yourself. And then the evening will turn out exactly the way you want it.

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