Where to Find the Right Kind of Girl?

For most men, at some point, there comes a stage when a light bulb suddenly lights up in their head, which says that they urgently need, or better, right now, find a girl. The question remains – where to find a girl? And until the mission is completed, this light will not go out.

And now the man begins to act actively and after some time a girl appears in his life. And then the man begins to think what to do with her next. Because he could easily take a “short-term” girl and try to make something serious out of her. But in 99 percent of cases this is impossible, the situation does not change, and the couple breaks up.

And most importantly, what you can learn from this article is to understand the varieties of women at the start. Because they serve different purposes. If you do not confuse them, then you will not have to waste your time and live in false expectations.

Therefore, if that very light bulb has already lit up in your head, then before you wash the horse and polish the spear, you need to clearly define for yourself: what do you want – a girl for sex or for relationships?

For a little intrigue

If a girl is in active search, if she does everything to be noticed by the maximum number of men, then this girl is most likely not for a relationship. But this girl can be easily seduced, she most often shines her face on every corner, and such a girl can be found on a dating site, and in a club, and in a cafe. Usually, at parties with friends, she is the most popular star of the evening, and there is no need to look for such, they are everywhere full of them, like dirt. By the way, this is one of the reasons why these women are easily hooked into relationships that they don’t need in FIG.

Therefore, if you need an easy-going girl for sex and parties, you just make a list of places where there are a lot of such girls. These are clubs, secular parties, popular places in the city where everyone goes dressed up, packed in their best trade dress, smiles at each other and carefully looks for adventures.

Where to find a girl for a serious relationship

And we move on to the most difficult. Where to find a girl for a relationship? The biggest marker of a girl for a relationship is that she is not actively searching, she is not looking for anything herself. Because she is self-sufficient. She is not against communication and can even support it well, depending on the quality of this communication.

Therefore, if a girl is not in an active search, you like her outwardly, and even communicate with you qualitatively, after you met her and began to charm and win over yourself, then after that we can conclude that she is really worthwhile instance.

Where are these to be found? Trite, but most often such a girl can be found in everyday life. Most likely, she will not go to a club or a speed dating party alone on purpose. She will probably be in the company of friends or girlfriends to spend time where she is interested. It can be any exhibition, cultural event or cinema.

Very often, a smart high-quality girl can be found in a fitness club. At the dance or next to the business center. During lunch, where she is not specifically looking for a man. Because if you notice a few languid glances in your direction, believe me, it’s not you who are looking for a girl, but you are already being filmed. And perhaps your wallet has already been distributed, and your vacation has already been planned.

Accordingly, we are looking for a girl for a relationship in any place where an interesting person may be. She can be passionate about her hobby, at work, developmental conferences, exhibitions, lectures and even concerts (if this music can be at least partly called intellectual).

As for the trainings, let them not be psychological trainings for girls. There is a great chance to meet a girl in active search and with a lot of cockroaches.

When you see what you need – come and get acquainted. The indicator is this – if you quickly found common themes, not because she was looking for them, but because it happened naturally, then this is what you need.

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