What is passive

Love and sex, the desire to live a happy, long life, procreate, raise children make people meet, get married.

What makes people leave? Is it possible to do without it?

Relationships, marriage, family are not only pleasant emotions, realized dreams. It is customary to say: “they did not agree on the characters.” Thousands, millions of happy unions that have existed for 20 years or more prove that living together is not boring.

When partners are silent

So far, no scientist has discovered the formula of love. Partners often do not know what they have found in each other.

What is interesting in living together? What’s the benefit?

Usually it is communication, moral qualities and character, attractiveness and a joint household, but over time, partners begin to annoy each other’s unpleasant habits, which no one paid attention to initially.

In the dialogues, caustic remarks appear, more and more irony, there is a specific body language, silence and coldness. The idyll collapses.

The main method of preventing negative trends is the resumption of dialogue. If the partners have nothing to talk about, this is bad, and you need to find common topics. Unwillingness to talk about something, something to discuss indicates the presence of claims, resentment, negative emotions. This is an oppressive environment that will take away happiness sooner or later.

The communicative function dominates in relationships, it is the main method and means of influence. At the beginning of a relationship, everything is usually fine. Then they are silent about the problems, they don’t know how to say it, they talk, but not like that, not in that tone, not about that.

When more and more silence occurs, habitual speech disappears, body language becomes the only source of information and influence. This is accompanied by various negative emotions. Body language is designed to eliminate physical discomfort.

Omissions, quarrels, scolding are not the reason for parting, of course, but if the communicative function is violated, body language usually also suffers.

It exhausts partners, reduces the quality of relationships, the quality of life, has a bad effect on sexuality, self-esteem, and is harmful to health. Each of the partners, when the relationship comes to an end, has its own truth. And yet the main, almost the only reason for parting is the unwillingness to change, betrayal, in fact.

Body language and meaning

Body language is gait, facial expressions, gestures, sneezing, yawning and more. It directly depends on the self-esteem of a person, as well as on the preferred clothing. It can be unpleasant or pleasant, correspond to true feelings and emotions or hide them. Body language is fully manifested in sex. It is connected with the attitude of a person to his body, from the sensations that it gives.

These are frictions , movements of the hips. True, there is little individuality in them, but owning them, feeling the source of body language, you will probably want to tell your partner what this word “pleasure” means.

The sexual model of behavior is a person’s propensity for actions, decisions of a certain quality. It is based on congenital and acquired individual characteristics. Body language is the focus here. It also includes all life experience and within the framework of intimate relationships. In addition to beautiful poses, spectacular movements, body language includes such elements as breathing, heartbeat.

Since ancient times, body language, the problem of impaired communication in marriage and love relationships have been known. It was also known that body language is gradually depleted if the couple communicates little, omissions are practiced.

The fact that sexuality suffers from this was also known in antiquity. They tried to solve this problem in a variety of ways. Traditions, religion, folk wisdom contributed to the improvement of the situation. Many centuries have passed, but the problem has not yet been solved.

Morality, authorities, imitation

Already in the 20th century, when many traditions, especially from the field of sex education, regulation of the institution of family and marriage, lost their relevance, issues of sexuality and health began to cause concern among scientists, statesmen and ordinary people. Many problems have shown themselves.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, impotence, neuropsychiatric disorders, suicides, crimes, terrorist attacks have replaced epidemics. Immorality is the obvious reason, the source of such tendencies.

On the other hand, morality cannot disappear when stereotypes and traditions are destroyed. New, more efficient, rational and viable traditions must emerge. Sexuality, body language and their impoverishment due to a violation of the communicative function in intimate relationships, family is a more likely cause.

Until the 20th century, the traditions of education and regulation of human sexuality in any country, on any continent included such an attribute as the unquestioning authority of a person suitable for inheritance and imitation.

They were most often and sometimes acted by God, the ruler of the state and senior family members, guardians. In the 20th century, the authorities were called into question and could not withstand the criticism of a rational person, a supporter of science, practical, objective in his judgments.

Along with the authorities, the objects for imitation also disappeared. Man began to rely only on his biological characteristics.

Armed with the instincts and train of thought of a scientist, deprived in many respects of the possibility of learning through imitation, a contemporary often fails to cope with such a responsible task as being an ideal, a natural source of wisdom, sexually free.

If everyone fixes everything in their lives

Body language matters not only in sex. In sex, its sacred meaning is revealed – the connection with sexuality. Having cast aside the authorities, left without imitation, today everyone can and should try to preserve the good that scientific and technological progress has given civilization.

How to prevent the impoverishment of sexuality, body language and normalize the main method of influencing other people – the communicative function? Oratory has not been popular for a long time. How to improve relationships in the family?

A return to the old way of life is not possible. A person without authority, possessing free sexuality, critical thinking, objective judgments, should be able to live the way he has become, live well. Imitation, as the main way of learning, the mechanisms of which are partially violated by the events of the past, must either disappear or acquire new qualities and properties.

In order to normalize relationships, the state of sexuality, even in ancient times, it was recommended to increase the level of culture. Enlightenment is one way. The object of research is not the outside world, but one’s own “I”, because people created culture and civilization.

The world can distract from self-knowledge. It is rational to start creating harmony in the family with body language in sex. Nervous tension that occurs against the background of self-doubt or overestimation of opportunities always leads to exhaustion, deformations within the personality, and emotional burnout.

This adversely affects life expectancy, the state of the immune system, mental processes suffer. Microspasms that occur with nervous overstrain, adrenaline contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Body language disorders are dangerous to health. If a person suddenly became different, it means that something recently happened that he did not talk about with a partner. He made decisions without discussion. And even if they are rational, discussed with themselves, depriving a partner who has not yet had the right to know important information is a betrayal.

Sexual Behavior – It’s All About It

It is easiest to restore body language directly in the intimate sphere. An objective analysis of your sexuality and the sexuality of your partner will help. There are many classifications of sexual behavior. One of the most concise and apt is the division of behavior into three equal types:

  • assets;
  • passive;
  • wagon.

An asset is a person who takes the initiative in sexual relationships. He makes decisions and takes responsibility. In bed, he enjoys his dominance. He is usually most comfortable with a passive, but not always.

Such a model of sexual behavior is built in accordance with a person’s character traits, his temperament, and habits. An asset is often characterized by such features as authoritarianism, imperiousness. Sometimes behavior in bed goes beyond it.

In this case, the asset prefers financial independence, chooses its own responsibilities, and demonstrates the habits of a leader. Does he really have leadership qualities, charisma, or does he draw strength from sex to work on himself?

It is possible that the person was born this way. The behavior that is inherent in him in bed is biologically determined. Social experience, status matters. Has he become who he wanted to be, is he who he claims to be?

If an asset reveals its potential only when instincts rule, there is no control of consciousness, then in other areas of life it does not have self-realization. This is detrimental to the individual. Sex is a great springboard for improvements. Such an asset, that’s the whole point. He behaves indecently.

How much an asset controls sex can determine the strength of its sexual sensations. He demonstrates his thoughts and ideas, requires a positive assessment, which most often will be given only by a passive. The asset seeks to express aggression. Having mastered the body language, he will either gain what he wants or slow down – body language takes away some of the energy.

The passive is inclined to obey and wait for the initiative from the partner. He demands attention and respect.

He has few ideas, and he hides those. Usually he enjoys sex, focusing on his feelings and sensations. Body language for him is a source of true pleasure, for which, however, he may not have enough strength. Having received a portion of love and bliss, he can afford the implementation of some plan. But this is not so much an initiative as a spontaneous decision, a whim. The passive is responsive, and if you ask him for some kind of affection, he will gladly do everything. But only on one condition – he is respected and appreciated. If not, the passive will be offended.

Usually a passive person is a socially active person, a sociable person who needs to be able to allocate time correctly, otherwise sex will begin to burden him, exhaust him. This is a brawler who may not want at one point to remain a liability. Not owning another model of behavior, he will drop everything. Body language will help to continue learning, draw energy from sensory experience and beyond.

Universals – a model of sexual behavior, which implies that a person behaves equally in bed as a liability and as an asset. Sometimes this model of behavior is characteristic of experienced people who, at different periods of their lives, have gone the way of an asset and a liability.

But usually generalists are sanguine, optimists. Someone is more comfortable being a liability, someone is an asset, whatever one may say. The station wagon is a man of moods. He cannot do otherwise. Everything depends on the circumstances.

Body language, self-image and sexual behavior patterns

It is easy to recognize yourself in this classification. It is not difficult to accept your sexuality, comprehend and tune in to the development of body language in accordance with the model of sexual behavior. This will improve self-esteem. It is quite possible that a mistake was made and another model of sexual behavior is exactly what is laid down by nature.

Sexuality suffers greatly at times from internal prohibitions. The person doesn’t even talk to himself about it. But a rarity is a more pleasant interlocutor. Women in bed, due to the peculiarities of physiology, the structure of society, most often demonstrate the behavior of a liability, an asset – relying on charisma, life experience. You have to be a generalist out of curiosity.

Men are more likely to demonstrate a passive or generalist behavior pattern. They want to relax at home. A man will be an asset when there is a lot of space in his life for self-realization and everything is fine, and temperament and character traits just contribute to this.

The sexual model of behavior affects the partner, gives a lot of information. This is the path to personal growth, the disclosure of creative, creative potential. Discussing recent events in bed helps rekindle relationships.

Caress, bliss, bliss – the perfect moment to talk about sore. It will not spoil the mood, it will give strength, determination. However, there is no need to rush. The communicative function of the family will be fully restored if body language is already involved in sex.

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