What is anusling

Everyone knows that erogenous zones during intercourse play an important role. Physical intimacy can be very quick and completely satisfy the partners, but most often you need an appropriate atmosphere, foreplay, and this is the only way to succeed, to achieve an orgasm.

One of the techniques that open the way to bliss is anusling or, as it is also called, anilingus , rimming . How to do it right is a natural question.

Of course, there are no clear rules in sex and cannot be. However, knowing some tricks, patterns and tricks does not hurt. Biology, anatomy, physiology of sexuality – it’s not that difficult. You can satisfy your partner during anusling based on certain tips.

What is the best place to start?

Sexual intercourse begins in different ways. Most often this is a spontaneous desire, and it all depends on the circumstances. When something special is conceived, for example, anal caresses, you need to think everything through before doing everything in practice.

Personal hygiene is of great importance. The quality and strength of sensations can be affected by hairline. It is better to shave off the hair in the anus.

Even without informing the partner, it is easy to start anal caresses in the shower. Having lathered each other, tuning in to sexual intercourse, anilingus ( anusling , rimming ) must be accessed to this area.

It is not necessary to immediately begin the process, because the mucous membrane in the perineum is all very sensitive. It is not necessary to start oral sex immediately. The main thing is to get access to this part of the body.

However, it is also necessary to indicate that you want oral caress and it is also necessary in this place. The course of thought of the partner and his erotic fantasies must be directed in the right direction.

For anilingus , in order to completely eliminate possible negative emotions, enemas can be used. Suitable infusions of herbs, for example. The procedure will not harm the microflora of the rectum, although doctors often do not recommend doing enemas.

At the same time, penetration during anusling is minimal. Plain water and fingers are enough while taking a shower.

Enemas affect the autonomic nervous system, can disrupt digestion, because the rectum contains receptors that transmit information about the temperature and consistency of digested food to the brain.

Even thermal lubricants are not recommended to be used too often during anal massage, masturbation or sex. This is a variety, but, nevertheless, natural sensations, adequate signals coming to the brain from the erogenous zone are important. If an enema is given, it should be at room temperature.

Stimulation of the erogenous zone

Anal caresses can be done in the supine position, when the partner’s body is completely relaxed, or in a position where the muscles are still tense.

Muscle tone at first can interfere and it is better to move from the shower to bed. The partner will already guess that anal caresses are waiting for him.

Gentle stroking of the back, kisses of the coccyx area will set you up for barely noticeable touches, help you concentrate on this area, achieve harmony of mind and body, thoughts, feelings, sensations. The erogenous zone must be awakened.

It is very good for health – anusling and harmonization of feelings. In a person who accepts these caresses, such mental processes as perception, sensation, thinking, attention will be involved, bodily memory will be activated, or at least access to it will be open.

To enhance the concentration, twilight is sometimes suitable: the number of stimuli, the amount of information coming to the body’s receptors can be minimized.

The person who does anusling will have the same processes involved, but access will be open to a greater extent to figurative memory. Excitation in the cerebral cortex will spread a little differently in these cases. So it is very useful to change places, accept and give anal caresses in turn.

different touches

It is desirable that anusling be gentle for the first time. This will turn the erogenous zone into the so-called beacon on the body. There will be a report, the interconnection of different parts of the nervous system will be revived. Anal caresses will bring health benefits.

Intense tongue movements are an excellent massage and a logical continuation, a way to reduce the report, close it partially, transfer excitement to the stage of an unconscious relationship between a given erogenous zone and the cerebral cortex.

This does not mean that the sensations will be less pleasant, they will be more dependent on emotions.

The penetration of the tongue into the anus is the third part of the same process. Emotions caused by intense movements of the tongue must at this stage be regulated by volitional effort.

Penetration into the rectum, of course, is not subject to the volitional effort of a person who receives caresses. He either wants it or he doesn’t.

In both cases, the nerve endings of the entrance to the rectum, which is a continuation, part of the erogenous zone, will be activated, and pleasant sensations will either satisfy the volitional need or destroy unnecessary barriers, protest.

To do this or not to do it is usually decided by the partner who caresses. You can stipulate this in advance. The compromise, the decision of the deceived and indignant partner is often the absence of repetition.

Having awakened the erogenous zone once, it is easy to experiment with tongue movements in the future, alternate them in any sequence, enjoying, feeling harmony, peace, love. There is no point in worrying about whether this technique is performed correctly. It should be fun. However, they do not always agree to such caresses.

Many believe that you can learn the correct technique through various videos and porn films on the Internet. This is partly true, but it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to choose adequate and more realistic stories.

Often in such videos everything is exaggerated: emotions, actions and, of course, orgasm. This is explained by the fact that porn films are created for slightly different purposes, it is important that it be spectacular, because it is necessary to interest and excite the viewer. This is worth considering. However, it would be best to find out from your partner personally which caresses he likes the most.

Variety of poses

You can carry out this process in various variations of postures, but it is best to choose one that will be convenient for both you and your partner. So, there are the following options:

  • Overhead Pose: The receiving partner lies face down. It is better to spread your legs apart. The active partner takes a position from above;
  • facesitting (Face Sitting ). As you can easily guess from the name, the receiving partner sits on the face of the active one. He can squat or kneel. It is important not to put too much pressure on the lower partner, otherwise he may simply suffocate;
  • knee-elbow. The receiving partner gets on his knees and elbows and, bending his back, opens the anus for caresses;
  • feet over head. The partner receiving caresses throws his legs over his head. The active partner puts his knees under the hips or buttocks of the passive partner, thus helping him to stay in this position;
  • standing. The receiving partner puts one leg on a chair or bed and opens the anus for caresses, pulling the buttock. The active partner is located below.

Some poses may require stretching. As mentioned above, for the first time it is best to do without experiments in order to relax the partner as much as possible.

About negative stereotypes

The anus area is an erogenous zone, which is not always realized by a person, but many nerve endings are concentrated in this place, and caresses are always pleasant here. It is difficult to argue with this, because the statement is based on objective scientific data, information from anatomy.

However, such caresses are not always desirable – a lot depends on the mood, life experience. Sometimes a person is interested in something else, he does not want to try anilingus . Perhaps the partner is not ready for such a step – there is no trust. It all depends on the purpose of being together. Sexual intercourse in love is important, but cannot dominate.

Offering rimming can sometimes be tricky. Many negative stereotypes are associated with this technique. Although they do not always harm, they often limit a person and block access to happiness. It would be nice to change them.

What can you face?

Licking” is a swear word

Perhaps there is nothing more offensive than this word surrounded by colleagues at work. This is even worse than the word “bribe-taker”, “corrupt”. It would seem that there is sex here, but, alas, the connection between anilingus and this curse is too direct, which can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem, self-awareness.

When the opinions of others, morality and rules of behavior in society invade the bed, thoughts can naturally become confused. It is difficult to maintain objectivity, sobriety of judgments when it comes to intimate experiences. Sex, love and sexuality in the eyes of others cannot be something unpleasant, reprehensible. Anilingus , erogenous zones – is there something perverse in this?

Anilingus has rather strong biological foundations, and the opinions of others, rumors, rumors cannot violate them.

This technique has meaning and logic, instinctive attraction. It has long been known that man is a biosocial being. Such is his nature – to doubt everything, to look for meaning, to get to the bottom of the essence, but in bed you need to choose what is relevant at this moment.

Social interactions and personal life are best clearly identified, demarcated as far as possible. Even if the partner in bed is really the boss at work, and anulingus is a favorite entertainment, sexual satisfaction has a good effect on labor productivity.


Also a typical curse, which, again, has nothing to do with anusling . And yet it is this process that sometimes evokes such associations in people.

Even if this word has sounded, it is important to consider that eating feces is common in nature, serving to transfer bacteria from mother to cub, for example. Only in this way can the baby learn to eat not only mother’s milk, but also other food. Feces of newborn cubs are often eaten by the mother.
In nature, nothing is wasted. The waste products of one animal become a favorable environment for the habitat of other species. Worms, flies are very fond of manure – everyone knows about it. Human civilization does not accept such behavior, because it has no biological value for the species.

Anilingus can cause harm to health only upon contact with feces, and not with the rectum, an erogenous zone, and even then not always. Penetration is not a mandatory part of the technique.

Human feces can be a threat to life and health only in the presence of helminths or any diseases. There is no point in blaming someone, speaking so rudely about a person who practices anulingus .

Subject to the rules of personal hygiene, a partner can be licked completely, every millimeter of the body and not encounter something disgusting, unpleasant, causing a gag reflex, deserving curses.

Anilingus – sexual perversion

There is no perversion in this technique, because its meaning is reduced to oral caresses of the erogenous zone. Often a person does not realize that this is exactly the case. Nevertheless, the delicate mucous membrane hints just at the fact that caresses are needed here. Other options for stimulating this area are also possible.

A person’s tendency to get sexual satisfaction with the help of anilingus may be a reason for going to the doctor, but it is not a reason for compulsory treatment. An indicator of immorality, antisocial tendencies in such sexual behavior can only be a conflict between partners.

Avoidance of the classic sexual intercourse, persistent repetition of the same actions that the partner does not like, ignoring requests to stop doing it – this is a detrimental tendency, sexual deviation, a bad habit in sex.

In this case, the rights of the individual are infringed, the sexuality of another person is infringed, and we are talking about aggression, disrespect and inattention to the partner, his needs, problems, sexual violence, although we must talk about compromises, negotiate in bed.

If both partners like rimming , there is no interpersonal conflict. An antisocial element can only be a demonstration of such actions in places not intended for this, in the presence of minors who can imitate, copy.

Refusal to try something new, unacceptable in sex, despite the partner’s insistent requests, can also be regarded as inattention to the needs of a person, his sexuality.

A rational approach will help to solve such a problem. There is a reason for everything in this world. There is more order, rules and patterns in life than it might seem.

At least this applies to the human mind: libido, its pleasure, selectivity, consciousness and subconsciousness. Everything that is felt intuitively can be explained logically, and the charm will not disappear from this, but the answers will be found.

In the event of a conflict during sexual intercourse, one must treat the problem as a scientific study: put forward hypotheses, seek confirmation or refutation. If caresses are not acceptable, they should be abandoned, but creativity should not be forgotten either. Sometimes it is useful to forget about the norms and rules, create something new, feel something new, manage yourself at the same time.

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