Types of sexual temperaments

If in everyday life we ​​all have different characters and psychotypes , then it is quite logical that in sex there are no less differences between us. The demeanor in the intimate plane is usually called sexual temperament. Sexol ogi are divided into three main types.


This type of sexual temperament is characterized by increased activity, lust, and an unquenchable thirst for intimacy with an enviable frequency.
Sexologists tend to believe that women of this type mature very quickly in adolescence, they do not like long foreplay and ceremonies in bed, they are in for the very process of sexual intercourse.
Representatives of a high sexual temperament have increased sexual appetites, therefore, it is extremely important for them that their ambitions and needs for an intimate plane are satisfied.


The most common type, which most people who have sex belong to. Their intimate life is in balance, without critical deviations both in the direction of apathy and in the direction of violent passions. In youth, these mid-temperature people usually have many partners, but with age, they prefer constancy and calmness.
Women who belong to this category prefer stability and regularity in sex. As a rule, the number of their physical contacts varies from 3 per week to 3 per month. Sexual life for people of average temperament is important, but not primary . 


If anyone can abstain from sex for a long time, then these are people with a low sexual temperament. Intimacy for them is not even in the top ten in life values.
The regularity of contacts for representatives of this category is about once a month. Such people prioritize spiritual matters in relationships, not physical ones. Common interests, family ties, kinship – all this more than compensates for mediocre and infrequent sex.
Men with such a temperament are often chosen as loyal companions by romantic ladies. But with women of low sexual temperament, the stronger sex usually has to sweat in bed: they require very long and skillful caresses, an emotional atmosphere and a mental attitude to the act. It is very important to know what kind of sexual temperament you and your partner have in order to predict the degree of compatibility and be able to maneuver between each other’s needs. Perfect sex is all about collaborating in bed to achieve one goal. Temperament cannot be changed or corrected like character. It can only be accepted and taken into account in order to avoid relationship problems. 

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