How blood type affects sex

In the East, they are sure that the blood type is closely related to the sexual compatibility of partners. Having learned the indicators of the individual antigenic characteristics of erythrocytes, you can judge whether this person is suitable for you in bed or not. Of course, this theory is very relative, but there is some common rational grain in this.

I group

All you need to know about carriers of the first blood group is that they are ideal lovers. Leaders in life and on the love front. With them, every sex to exhaustion, to the last drop and to the loss of feelings. The woman is the goddess in bed, and the man is the macho, Casanova and the alpha male.
Compatibility in sex for such people is more important than physical data. They are ready to do anything to satisfy their sexual needs. But they are not characterized by attachment to one partner, therefore, you will juice the likelihood of polygamy .

II group

For people with the second blood group, sex is possible only for love. They are shy, quiet, suspicious and very attached to their partners. In family life, they are devoted to each other and value inner peace more than sexual compatibility. Such people enjoy emotional closeness, and sex is not the main thing.

III group

This category of people do not understand why there is so much hype around sexual compatibility? They don’t take this concept seriously. Sex for them is just a physiological process, without tinsel. In bed, such people show selfishness, focus only on their own satisfaction and demand a lot from partners.

Men with the third blood group are very predictable and conservative in bed – inventiveness and ardent passion cannot be expected from them. Women, on the other hand, can give the impression of a passionate person, but this is only a mask behind which the mistresses themselves hide indifference and boredom.

IV group

Rare lovers are able to feel partners and satisfy all their desires in bed. They are sensual natures, empaths who strive to make every sex special and extraordinary. They are looking for ways to diversify the usual scenarios of intimate life, they are happy to experiment.

Men- empaths literally guess the secret fantasies with their partner, bringing them to ecstasy guaranteed. Women also listen to their lovers and try to please them, but they also demand a response in return .
We learned the main characteristics of each of the four categories. The last group is the most universal – these lovers are ideally combined with all other representatives of sexual temperaments. And now you can safely add a question about the blood type to the list of questions on the first date – this clarification will save you from unnecessary problems in the future.

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