7 reasons to indulge yourself

A constant partner in sexual relations is great, but there are many reasons to satisfy yourself on your own, without involving second persons. Don’t listen to those who argue that masturbation is the lot of a single person. The process of self-gratification also benefits those people who are in a relationship. What are the obvious advantages of self-satisfaction ?

1. Muscles in good shape 

Many of you have heard of Kegel exercises, which help to strengthen and train the muscles of the perineum. It helps in the treatment of the genitourinary system and intestines. If a woman masturbates, she can do without such exercises in order to keep her muscles in good shape.

2. Relaxation 

Endorphins and hormones responsible for good mood are produced in the process of self-satisfaction. In addition, they can help reduce stress, relieve stress and depression.

3. Pain relief 

If you are worried about headaches and PMS, then orgasm will be an indispensable assistant, which improves blood circulation and general well-being of a woman. Who, if not you, knows your body better? Use proven ways to give yourself pleasure for medicinal purposes, and more.

4. Nothing more 

Alone with yourself, you do not need to burden yourself with the notorious conventions like erotic lingerie, candles, makeup, hairstyle. To have sex, in the case of masturbation, you do not need extra decorations and props. You can relax and indulge in pleasure to the fullest.

5. Sexuality 

The female body is full of surprises and mysteries. Masturbation is another reason to explore it. So take this opportunity. When you get to know yourself better, it will be easier to reach an understanding with your partner. A confident woman always attracts men, and a self-satisfied creation is the right way to do this.

6. Stimulation of libido 

Regular self-satisfaction stimulates the female libido. If you are having difficulties in the preparatory process and cannot always get aroused quickly, masturbation will help fix this. Satisfying yourself on your own, you get benefits for the body and for the relationship with a man.

7. Self-expression 

When a male partner is not involved in an intimate process, it is easier for a woman to concentrate only on herself and to have pleasure in any form, position and quantity. There is no need to adapt to someone, to limit yourself in something. By masturbating, a woman can fully express her desires, not being embarrassed to be misunderstood and selfish.
Remember that masturbation is not only pleasant, but also beneficial. As strange as it may sound, it helps to increase self-esteem, sexuality, makes you listen to yourself and your desires, which is best reflected in physical health.

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