5 secrets of quiet sex

You can’t always afford to have sex at full power. Let’s say you stayed at a party, or you are parents who are forced to constantly be careful. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure? The main thing is not to make noise during sex, so as not to inconvenience others. This fancy business has its own secrets.

1. Music as a muffler 

A very good way of conspiracy is to “listen to music.” Play nice, soft music to help muffle your sounds a little bit during sex. The main thing is not to make your music too loud. Otherwise, she herself will become the cause of discontent from your neighbors. It can also wake up a sleeping baby. 

2. Love on the floor 

Another good way to avoid unnecessary traitorous sounds is to have sex on the floor. At a party, we may find ourselves on a creaky sofa at night, or even a good and new bed tends to knock on the wall in time with our movements. Take a blanket and feel free to move to the floor. Don’t forget to bring your pillow with you. It can be used for its intended purpose, placing it under your head, or propping your hips with it, which is a common technique in sex. In addition, a pillow will help muffle groans.

3. Eye to eye 

The best positions for maximum contact are face-to-face. Thus, you can admire each other, and at the right time drown out the escaping moans with a kiss. 

4. Sex in the bathroom 

Another good way to retire for sex at a party is to sneak into the bathroom together. By turning on the water, you can partially drown out the sounds of passion. The main thing is not to get carried away too much and do not lose track of time. Remember that you are not alone and that someone else may need to use the bathroom. This is especially true for those baths where they are combined with bathrooms. Also, do not forget about your safety, as the bathroom itself is slippery and not that big in size. 

5. “Fasting” days 

Careful sex and the likelihood of being “caught” often add zest and thrill to lovemaking. The situation is completely different in families where there are already children. These couples regularly have to have sex in “extreme” conditions. These restrictions are very tiring, so such couples simply need to arrange holidays of good sex from time to time. To do this, you should use the services of grandmothers and send the baby to visit for a short time. If this is not possible, then you can invite the nanny for the night, and rent a room in the hotel yourself and “have a full blast.” Most importantly, love yourself, your partner, and sex. There are no hopeless situations, especially if you are resourceful and temperamental. Find time and opportunity to betray passion with your loved one, because it makes our life spicy and delicious. 

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