7 tricks to stop being ashamed of your body in bed

All people have different attitudes towards their body. This is especially felt in moments of intimacy. When it comes time to get naked in front of a partner, many women begin to be shy and complete. Thoughts that a man will see an imperfect figure haunt them, and this, in turn, does not allow them to relax and get the long-awaited satisfaction. If you are familiar with this problem, learn how to avoid awkward situations in the bedroom.

Be confident in your irresistibility

Remember, if a man has chosen you, for him you are already a beauty. He is attracted by your folds, extra pounds, small breasts and everything else that you are unhappy with. Learn to accept your body as it is and be proud of it. You are the ideal for your partner , so respect their choice.

Stop comparing yourself

Every man to his own taste. Someone loves puffy and puffy, someone’s blood begins to seethe at the sight of thin women, someone is crazy about small women, but for someone growth matters. You should not be equal to girls of model appearance or public beauties. Ideal parameters are not a guarantee that they are perfect in bed. But you have a man who wants you and accepts you with all the flaws, since you are alone in the bedroom.

Pay attention to your skin

Owners of dark skin always attract the attention of men more strongly. Today it is easy to give a bronze tint to the body without even spending time sunbathing by the sea. At your service are solariums and self-tanners.

Highlight the dignity

You know all the most attractive parts of your body. Try to focus men’s attention on them. This can be done both with the help of accessories (bracelets, beads, etc.), and with the help of clothes (mini-skirts, blouses with a neckline, stockings, etc.). 

Pay attention to lighting

Many men hate having sex in pitch darkness. However, don’t be afraid of the light. Make it a little muted and diffused (throw a translucent cloth over the lamp , use candles). 

Take care of yourself

When you know that the evening will end in intimacy, pay special attention to your body. Take a bubble bath, exfoliate and depilate, apply scented oil or milk to the surface of the body. A well-groomed female body will drive any man crazy.

Get some nice lingerie

Do not forget that many men consider a woman in beautiful underwear to be the peak of sexuality. By the way, with the help of this spicy wardrobe detail, you can divert his attention from the problem areas of your body.
Remember, if a man chose you, it means that he already likes you, and you should not focus on your shortcomings with your behavior. Our advice and the attention of a beloved man will help you with this, since it has been proven that it is he who works wonders with a woman.

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