6 barriers to sex life

Bright and high-quality sex can lift us to heaven, make us smile and glow with happiness. Unfortunately, not all of this process gives true pleasure, and over time, this dissatisfaction kills the desire for intimacy altogether. What poisons our sex life? There are several common reasons.

1. Constant dissatisfaction

Not every intimacy can bring pleasure to partners. Many couples endure dissatisfaction for years, writing off everything as a habit and marital duty, when sex does not take place at the request of the soul, but out of formal duties, for show. Is it worth talking about the quality of such intimacy? Where does euphoria, happiness and pleasure come from if you have to go to bed out of obligation? Sex without feelings turns into a mechanical process, which is not worth wasting time and energy. Get rid of the traps that steal precious satisfaction and orgasms from you .

2. Sex without feelings

Knowing about the benefits of regular sex life, many strive for quantity, completely forgetting about quality. And it’s not about the physical capabilities of the partners and the duration of the act itself, but about the psychological mood for intimacy. It is not for nothing that they say that sex, imbued with emotions, warmth and sympathy for a partner, is much more effective and brighter than mechanical intimacy, without spiritual foreplay. Emotional mood plunges us into a state of euphoria and unrestrained attraction, removing inhibitions and erasing the boundaries of the possible.

3. Self-sacrifice

There is nothing wrong with striving to give your partner sexual pleasure. The problem is that many sacrifice their own satisfaction for the benefit of the needs of the soul mate. Experts call this sexual generosity, which, without healthy selfishness, threatens to turn your intimate life into a routine and boring process where you are constantly focused on your partner, and all actions are thought out and predictable.

4. Sophistication

If you are too fixated on becoming the perfect lover, you risk missing out on the element of spontaneity and unpredictability. Don’t treat sex like work. No one forbids you to improve your knowledge in the intimate sphere or hone your skills and technique, but do not forget about feelings. Do not focus on the process itself, but indulge in chance, plunge into the whirlpool of passions, without thinking over the movements and postures. Let everything happen on a whim. Otherwise, sex will turn into work, and quite boring.

5. Obsession with orgasm

Once again, understand that not all intercourse must necessarily end with an orgasm! You don’t have to think all the time about how and when to climax. Enjoy the process itself, because for the sake of it everything was started. Dessert is, of course, nice, but it was not the purpose of the whole dinner, right?

6. Self-criticism

We all tend to have doubts about our abilities, sexual experience, or physical attractiveness, but we shouldn’t focus on this. If you give free rein to your complexes in bed, they can pretty much spoil your sexual relationship, and you can poison your pleasure from intimacy in general.
Obstacles exist in order to overcome them, so do not give in to difficulties and fight for your happiness on the love front. If your sex life has lost its colors for you, do not tolerate it, but admit it to yourself and look for ways to improve relationships, try something new or correct flaws.

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