5 sex positions that men adore

If you have been in a sexual relationship with your partner for several years, then, of course, you have tried many positions and options for intimacy. Surely, not all your preferences are the same. Something he likes, something you like. Today we will tell you how to add flavor to your favorite male positions so that both partners get maximum pleasure from sex, without any compromises or concessions.

1. He is above, she is below

The missionary position is the most common of all. She is attracted to men by the fact that in this position they dominate the partner, set the rhythm of movements and the degree of closeness of body contact. In this position, you can look into each other’s eyes and enjoy not only physical, but also aesthetic, mental satisfaction. To increase the chances of simultaneous orgasm and to make this position more attractive for a woman, you need to raise your pelvis in any way you can: place a pillow under your hips or stand on a half-bridge . In this position, the penetrations will be deeper , and the sensations will be brighter.

2. Doggy style

One of the most revered positions by men. In addition to the fact that wild animals and primitive motives are hidden in this pose, it is also very comfortable to perform. You can change the position of the bodies in every possible way (bend your partner, spread her legs wider or, on the contrary, force them to squeeze them as tightly as possible), control the process, holding your partner by the hips or arms brought back, contemplate female forms in all their glory. Invite your man to hold your leg out to the side. This will add fun for both of you.

3. Horsewoman

Men love this pose for two reasons: you can, without straining, participate in the process of intercourse and at the same time observe the beauty of the female body, the emotions of the partner from the best angle. Women are also not averse to using the opportunity to lead the process of obtaining pleasure: to regulate the depth, frequency, strength of movements. True, this position requires a good physical fitness from the partner, especially the legs. To enhance the sensation and ease the strain on your legs, tip over backwards, leaning on your hands.

4. Right angle

This position is again dominated by a man. He is in a sitting position, throwing the leg of the woman lying on her side over her shoulder. The good thing about the pose is that you can choose any angle of penetration until you find the best option for yourself. Both partners also have the opportunity to caress each other during the intimacy process with their hands and lips.

5. Standing

The good thing about this pose is that partners have a lot of options for caressing, since their hands are free in this position. A woman, if leaning her back against a wall, can tightly squeeze her partner’s hips with her legs, which will enhance the pleasant sensations during penetration. At the same time, a man can toss his partner to the beat of his frictions and push her hips over himself in any rhythm. Relax and put the initiative in the hands of the man. Feel like a romantic movie star with spontaneous sex scenes in the most unexpected places. Now you can have the same pleasure with your man, no matter what position he prefers. Get creative, discuss these moments with your partner, and enjoy an idyllic sexual relationship. 

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