7 male taboos in sex

Do not believe the statements that men are completely indifferent with whom to have sexual intercourse: if only they move and talk, and the skirt is shorter. This is a misconception. In fact, men are very picky about sex, and there are many things that can discourage them from any desire to enter into intimacy with us. If your partner is dear to you, take note of the results of psychological research on the subject of male antipathies in sex.

1. Cold women

More than half of the respondents of the opposite sex admitted that they were annoyed by the sexual coldness of their partners. They rarely enjoy such an act, and even more so they do not seek to repeat an unpleasant meeting. They also do not like uninitiated women who are used to only agreeing to sex, and not initiating it. Men also want to feel wanted and loved, and a woman’s attention is the best means for this. 

2. Inattention to the penis

Men treat their genitals with special trepidation and expect the same attention and respect from a woman. If the partner does not show interest in the male member, does not seek to please and appease him, it is wow days of insulting the man himself.

3. Responsibility for the female orgasm

For some reason, women place all responsibility for their orgasm on a sex partner. Men don’t like this division of responsibilities. He, of course, does not mind giving you real pleasure, but he also does not want to feel like on the exam. Know how to share responsibility for your pleasure and strive for bliss together.

4. Talkativeness in sex

No one says that you need to have sex with deathly silence, but chatting non-stop is also not an option. Men especially do not like it when a woman tries to guide, comment and tell them what to do. Such behavior casts doubt on their sexual prowess, and it is unlikely that anyone will like it.

5. Untidiness

Men speak negatively about partners who do not take care of themselves. They find it unpleasant to go to bed with women who have unkempt skin, bad breath (or whole body), worn nail polish, unshaven legs or underarms. Comments are superfluous here, and the men’s claims are understandable.

6. Women’s complexes

Men are annoyed by their partner’s complaints about physical defects. Even if you think you have small (too large) breasts, overweight, short legs, or a long nose, you shouldn’t discuss this with your sex partner. Instead of dissuading you, he may doubt his choice himself, and this will not improve the quality of sex in any way.

7. Concern about appearance

Sexual contact does not tolerate pretentious styling and perfect makeup, which in no case should be violated. How can you caress and please you without touching your hair, eyes and lips? Men don’t like having sex with “china dolls”, so try to be more natural and natural and do n’t get hung up on your appearance.
All male claims in sex are quite logical and adequate. If you strive to understand your partner, then you can avoid the most important mistakes and taboos. Just enjoy the intimacy with your loved one and be mutual, treat him with respect and do not hide your desires, and your man will be happy and satisfied, wanting to experience these feelings only with you!

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