Three ideas for long vinyl sheet foreplay

Eighty by two twenty meters of pure black vinyl: fits perfectly on a double bed and tucked into the edges of the mattress. Cover the top with a blanket – and at first glance, in low light, it is indistinguishable from a silk sheet. Why all this? 

Three ideas for what kind of impressionism can be arranged on a thin sheet of vinyl. 

Coffee in bed

It is pleasant to sit on such a bed in clothes that sexually attract the opposite sex. Even black and glossy: fluff and small dust particles will not accidentally sit on the shoulder.

Therefore – by all means in the evening (do not wake up on such a sheet), and not even coffee. And red wine can be spilled. 

Grapes – scatter to the sides.

Or cream from biscuit cakes: you can safely lick it off your fingers and not only.

Painting lessons

The Canadian brand Shunga offers a special edible body paint with a Japanese brush. You open the bottle, dip the flexible tip into it and write on the excited surface of acknowledgment of reciprocity. But later Russian impressionists – like Georgy Sysolyatin – painted with their fingers. Using the index pad in paint, then on a palette, mixed to the desired shade – and onto canvas! Thick Chocolate with Whipped Cream, Silver Body Powder or Wet Scented Intimate Lubricant . Better yet, mix everything up and enjoy the work (as artists call their paintings – works). Priming or writing on a clean surface is exclusively at the choice of the master!  


Non-professional massage

Real masseurs buy packs of disposable sheets and wash dozens of large bath towels. This is because the oil runs off and stains the textiles.  

Go for broke!
No compromise or destructive sanitary napkins to protect your bed from stains.

Put on a vinyl sheet! And then start with ice cubes: slide up from the knee along the inner thigh. Take off your clothes and go to your back – from the neck to the lower back and below. Continue with an intimate silicone lubricant: when mixed with water, you get perfect glide, and the purity of the ingredients allows you to immediately get to the cherished areas and get inside. Just don’t stop halfway! 


Intimate fantasies in a boxed solution

Do you want everything ready in one package?

In one beautiful black decorative package?

There is such a solution! Shunga Massage Set with golden cover, two gels that create aromatic oil when mixed, and detailed instructions for use .  

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