Persistent, winter, yours! Dildos: the four most important questions

What you wanted to know but were shy to ask.
Because it is “supposed” to know about artificial phalluses either everything (and really – “what’s so complicated?”), Or nothing (“I have enough of the real ones”).

This text is for those who are not against imitation. But not a professional. What’s wrong with asking a question about a dildo – do you agree?
So we interviewed ourselves.

The size

Fake penises are usually measured in inches. And because most of them are sold in the USA, and because it is more convenient that way. “Making a mistake by a centimeter” is easy! Especially if you exaggerate. Miss an inch? Well, that doesn’t happen. Therefore, ask for inch descriptions from the seller! 

And remember the simple scale:
5 inches is like a real little penis. 6 inches is normal. 7 inches is large. 8 inches – large, even very large; in reality, this may not occur, but they exist – honestly! 9 inches or more are fantastic phalluses that cannot be used without special additional physical training. 


Throw away all those “gels”, “cyberskins” and UR3 – it’s all fiction, sometimes beautiful and sometimes clumsy.
There are three materials for elastic dildos on the market today:

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, can look anything you like. And almost real, and even more real than the prototype: perhaps, such imitators have noticed, on which the pattern of veins, folds and cracks is read better than on a living body. Here he is. And it can be transparent. And colorless transparent, and red transparent, and yellow, and in general – absolutely whatever. And multi-colored. Pros: color resistant, excellent durability, any realism or unreality. Cons: the smell – although very weak – is always there, it will not work to disinfect. 


Silicone is a silica polymer. What follows from this? That it doesn’t burn! Bring a lighter, and the dye will break down in the material (maybe with smoke), and a white substance will remain. Spot. “Charred” without coal. It is not transparent and does not stretch well, but it bends well. It can be treated with boiling water and the best hygienic disinfectants, there are practically no pores on its surface – that’s why it is called “absolutely safe”. Of course, if you follow simple rules. Pros: the color is resistant, the hygiene is complete, there is no smell (or it disappears – the technical grease remaining outside can smell), the strength is fantastic, the durability is infinite. Cons: the color is almost always the same for the entire product, spotty or striped silicone is difficult to make; the relief is smoothed, the realism is minimal. 


Elastomer – this is what they call “cyber skin” and “ultra-realistic”. Why? He can be so soft, at the same time elastic, so rough and so … corporeal that you can easily confuse him with a living person. If you do not breathe air: the elastomer smells, usually very sweet – it is mixed in there. Pros: stunning (if the manufacturer has tried) appearance and a real imitation of a person in appearance and – most importantly – to the touch. Disadvantages: light odor, zero disinfection possibilities and short service life – it is visually worse with each use. 


Do not.
Do not use a vibration dildo. For this, there are special devices that do this in fifty modes and act on erogenous points in a way that no professional gigolo with massage education can do. And the vibration bullet built into the phallus makes it more expensive, heavier, restricts its use (you can’t put it under water) and requires either recharging, or batteries, or it just breaks.   


It is necessary.

Take it!
Yes, she also makes the dildo harder and more expensive. But it is also stronger.
And how many additional use cases! And it fits in strap-ons , and stands firmly on the floor, and holds on to the wall independently. The suction cup is the most useful addition to an artificial dildo.  

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