Morning masturbation and top most affordable devices from Japan, China and Russia

A mug of coffee with a chocolate croissant, a jar of L-arginine and a granola bar, or a hot scrambled eggs and bacon – what else does a man need in his prime to really cheer up for a successful work day?
Good morning shower masturbation – that’s what you thought! We, too.

We present an overview of the most affordable masturbators for every day for a three-minute shower at half past seven in the morning.

I took it out, used it, threw it away. No washing, drying, starching, or storing away from sunlight. Real disposable items that cost less than a thousand rubles.


Wrap your hand around this nice velvet elastomer that truly feels like a living body to the touch.
Play with those tiny lips at the entrance to the hole.
Enter, stretch, and enjoy this classic tunnel where the pressure can be altered by the force of your hand squeeze.
789 rubles for the options “vagina” or “anus”.
Why so cheap? The Chinese brand NMC adds unstable thickeners to the base material, so the main properties will irreversibly change after the first use.  


Open the legendary plastic egg, take out the “protein” -masturbator and a bag of intimate lubrication from there, pour the contents of the second into the hole of the first – and proceed. Exceptionally pure (no colorants or thickeners) Tenga Japanese Elastomer will stretch along the entire penis and transform the native rough palm into a high-tech surface with fantastic relief. The last option is your choice. The manufacturer regularly adds new “collections” and even “designer collaborations”. And the cheapest for today – also in an inexplicable way – was the Crater variant , 579 rubles.  

Russian blind steeply twisted tunnel

Do you see those invitingly parted labia? Or are these narrow and almost invisible, neat and tightly compressed? Already here, right up to the action, this masturbator excites more than a simple NMC.
And already inside! Dashingly twisted with small rings and point stimulation or with a narrow neck and stiff resistance.
Attention: tunnels end blindly! Everyone can reach the bottom!
High-quality Russian elastomer for 799 rubles from the Lola Toys brand : Satisfaction Magazine, issue # 45 – a chic escort girl. Satisfaction Magazine Issue # 18 – A Fresh Virgin.   

Urban minimalism

Who says Tenga and their Eggs are already exhausted? No, Japanese designer and brand author Koichi Matsumoto is hitting the competition with the Pocket Masturbators! Even simpler, most technologically advanced, affordable and still effective. Because everyone knows it: the palm always wins. Yes, you can just modify it a little. In the disposable bag you will find the traditional dose of lubricant and the perfect clean elastic cover with a geometric pattern on the work surface. Click Ball – spiral rows of hemispheres, Block Edge – multilevel soft parallelepipeds.    

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