The most common causes of potency disorders

Violation of potency is a common problem among men, not only the elderly, but also young. Often, men of forty who seem healthy are no longer able to boast of anything in sexual life, since they have the first signs of developing impotence – impaired erectile function. The early development of impotence among men is associated with objective causes that are associated with objective modern causes. In order to understand what is a pathology and what is not, you should understand what is considered impotence. In modern science, impotence is a violation of one of the components of sexual intercourse – from attraction to ejaculation. Normally, sexual intercourse consists of attraction, lovemaking, erection, insertion of the penis, frictions and ejaculation, which in men is combined with a sense of orgasm. It is a mistake to consider that impotence is exclusively a violation of an erection. This category should include both the absence of sexual desire and the absence of ejaculation. Therefore, not all types of impotence can be cured simply by taking a tablet of Viagra or its analogue Levitra, which is sold in the shop-viagra online store. The main cause of impotence in young men is associated with a lack of sex drive. Most often this is due to psychological reasons – fatigue, stress at work or in the family lead to the absence of the formation of a sexual dominant. Special attention deserves the passion for pornography, which is combined with frequent masturbation several times a day. Such behavior leads to the formation of a different image of the usual sex life and the constant comparison of the partner with the heroes of the porn movie you like, as a result, there is no desire to have sex with him – he is still very far from idols. The psychological causes of potency impairment can be identified by its obvious signs. Firstly, it occurs suddenly. For example, yesterday or in the morning you had normal sexual intercourse, and today you can’t do anything already – an erection does not occur, there is no desire. Secondly, it occurs periodically – then you have a great erection, a high desire to establish sexual life, then you do not have this or that. Thirdly, most often all this is associated with some form of overload, stress. Fourth, the “morning riser” with psychological impotence is always preserved, moreover, it can be saved in the evening. Fifthly, often you have an excellent erection during the entire sexual intercourse, but you do not get any pleasure from sex, as a result of ejaculation does not occur or is difficult. All this speaks of the psychogenic causes of sexual dysfunction – impotence. The treatment of psychogenic impotence is exclusively with a psychologist or psychiatrist through the normalization of lifestyle, rethinking of priorities and life principles that have brought you once a young man to such an unfortunate state. Another thing is organic impotence, which is associated exclusively with problems at the level of organs. Often, its causes lie in hormonal disorders, or in diseases of the genitourinary system and the vascular system. Organic impotence has its own clear signs. Firstly, an erection is either sluggish initially, or it weakens during intercourse. Pre-purchased and accepted Viagra or its analogue Levitra helps to solve the problem with erection and you perform a full-fledged act with the pleasure of it. Secondly, this form of impotence is always amplified and worsened, and there is no periodicity that is observed with psychogenic impotence. Fourth, you notice that in the morning there is no longer the same “morning riser” that you paid attention to when you were young. All this suggests that you develop organic or senile impotence. You can slow down its development in a healthy way of life, and taking pills like Viagra as needed. No one should be blamed for its development – often these are the costs of the region of residence, heredity, lifestyle, and acquired chronic diseases. It is to identify the latter and their treatment that all efforts are directedurologists who treat chronic diseases of the same prostate prolong the sexual life in men for another ten or more years.

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