About bad habits. How to quit smoking?

The problems of addiction to smoking are not only a medical problem, but also a socio-economic one. Many people understand how harmful it is to smoke, and try to quit smoking, but it is quite difficult to do.  

A person with a nicotine addiction gradually destroys his body. Smoking inhibits not only physical, but also mental development. Nicotine contains in its composition such substances that are not only addictive, but also affect certain areas of the brain.  

So why do people smoke ? One of the reasons is ignorance of all the consequences of smoking. Another reason is the formation of nicotine addiction. Also, society refers to smoking – as a socially acceptable phenomenon (there are often advertisements on television, examples in films, imitation of actors, etc.). The worst thing is that everyone sees it. 

Each smoker has his own bouquet of the disease – bronchitis (strong cough and expectoration in the morning), memory impairment, shortness of breath, gastritis and more. Even one smoked cigarette already thickens the blood, which can lead to blood clots. And as a result, strokes, heart attacks, vascular diseases. First of all, the smoker suffers from the heart, liver, kidneys and stomach. In men, potency decreases. 

Smoking adversely affects the appearance of a person. When smoking , skin nutrition worsens, it becomes less elastic, loses its elasticity, and unhealthy yellowness appears. Any dependence, including nicotine, can be divided into three parts.   

The first stage of tobacco dependence is smoking 2-5 cigarettes during the day for about 2-5 years. At this stage, usually no one quits smoking. In the second stage , a drug addiction to smoking is already developing. At this stage, a person can be persuaded to quit smoking. The most important thing is that he himself must make a firm decision to get rid of this bad habit.  

For some people, the urge to quit smoking increases after eating. In this case, it is better to use mint chewing gum. There are many psychological tricks for quitting smoking. For example, hang around the house signs with the phrase “I quit smoking! I do not smoke!”. Or break all the cigarettes and throw them in the bin.  

There is evidence that the soil on which tobacco is grown is fertilized with phosphates that contain radioactive elements. Therefore, they can enter the human body during smoking. 

At the time of smoking a cigarette, the temperature inside it reaches about 700 degrees. At this temperature, many different substances are formed, most of which are toxic to the human body, for example, hydrocyanic acid, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide.  

According to the data found in literary sources, the tip of a cigarette during puffing can be compared to a small chemical plant. But if there are protective equipment at chemical plants, then the smoker is not protected by anything. He actively breathes in all the harmful substances contained in nicotine. The smoldering cigarette is considered the most dangerous , which emits toxic smoke, harmful both to the respiratory tract and to the mucous membranes of the eyes.  

Many smokers forget that they infringe on the rights of non-smokers. Therefore, it is advisable that the conscious part of society prohibit smoking in public places, porches, offices and other places where citizens are located. 

A non-smoker who is next to the smoker inhales a large amount of smoke of a more harmful composition, which is equal in quantity to the smoke from three cigarettes. If your health is important to you , do not allow smoking to other people in your presence, where you live and work. 

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