Than good and bad disposable lover, or a man for one night: the pros and cons

A one-time lover, a man for one night – sounds tempting, and at the same time, not every lady will decide on such a love adventure.  

Some are driven to extreme sex by a thirst for adventure, others – the lack of a permanent partner, third – sexual monotony in marriage. Of course, risk is a noble cause, and whatever the reason for women going “to the left,” passing sex can bring a lot of unforgettable feelings. But – not always positive …     


Any woman who decides on a one-time love is sure that she will never meet her partner again. Therefore, casting aside all false shame, not paying attention to stretch marks, a tummy that has rounded off after winter, hair roots that have grown by 2 millimeters, not corrected nails on time and other “terrible deformities”, can finally relax and realize all your sexual fantasies, afraid to seem lecherous or awkward.

You do not need to think that it is this terribly expensive underwear purchased on occasion that has made an irreparable gap in your family budget. And your lover, most likely, will note to himself your refined taste, and he won’t be aware of how many cans of real German beer he could buy for the price of this transparent rag. 

You can tell your “half” for the night that your name is Aelita (Angelica, Matrona, Emmanuel), that you graduated from 3 institutes and all with honors, took first place at the Olympics in the short run, just returned from the Caribbean and a lot of interesting and entertaining things. At the same time, be absolutely sure that Romeo will not go check this information and will not be surprised to find that you are Klava from a bakery around the corner, running except for the child in the kindergarten.


The first thing that comes to mind when meeting “in the rooms” with a stranger: what if this cute guy with touching glasses on his nose is a serial maniac, taking revenge on all depraved girls for losing his innocence? What Well, it may be, so you have to be alert, wasting his energy on climbing in the head a scary thought, but not on the concentration of positive emotions and enjoyment.  

The risk of staying after a wonderful night, not with a mass of pleasant impressions and memories until a hoary age, but with a bunch of various diseases, is also great. After all, tearing off clothes from an unfamiliar man in a fit of passion, it is hardly correct to require a certificate from him about his state of health or to look in the dim light of a night lamp if he has unknown rashes and similar troubles on his body. It is nevertheless worth taking care of the necessary protective equipment and not too lazy after a while to go to the doctor for an examination. As they say, cherished – God saves.    

Not a fact, but the likelihood that a fleeting lover will be a resident of the neighboring entrance, a future colleague or husband of some acquaintance, too, can not be written off. The prospect of meeting your nightly “adventure” and being filled with paint from the memories of what you did in bed with him and how to wait for the inevitable exposure of an embellished biography for many women completely discourages further desire to seek adventures in their second 90s.

In any case, the choice is yours, and, as one famous TV presenter says , not a boring night for you! 

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