What are the sexual problems of women?

With male sexual problems, everything is simple: either there is an erection, then an orgasm is possible, or it is not, then an orgasm is impossible.

Women, before experiencing an orgasm, go through three stages, in each of which problems are possible. These stages are: sexual desire (libido), arousal, hydration of the genitals (secretion of lubricant).

Approximately 2/3 of women experience occasional problems with achieving arousal or orgasm. With age, the number of sexual problems in women, unlike men, decreases. Read more about each stage.

Sexual desire.

Lack of sexual desire is observed more often in women aged 20-30 years. What is this talking about? The fact that after the birth of a baby, the woman’s libido decreases. Various factors, such as anxiety, stress, exhaustion, overwork, psychological trauma, various diseases, can affect the lack of desire. To eliminate problems associated with stress and overwork, collaboration with a partner is required, and if the case is serious, then the intervention of a specialist. Sometimes hormone therapy is used to increase libido.

Excitation and release of lubricant.

The stage of excitation includes the flow of blood to the vagina, uterus, clitoris. The vagina expands and enlarges; a mini-erection occurs with the clitoris. Increased blood flow causes the secretion of clear mucous fluid, which makes penetration easier and less painful. If a man is in a hurry, and makes penetration earlier, this leads to pain and loss of excitement.

In women after menopause, the release of lubricant is impaired, and they also become thinner and lose the elasticity of the vaginal wall. It affects sex life. The situation is exacerbated in the case of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, using anti-estrogen medications and radiation in the treatment of cancer. There are various ways to replace natural lubrication. It can be lubricants, vaginal creams with hormones of estrogen and testosterone, vaginal suppositories with vitamin E. Saliva is also a good lubricant. Lack of lubrication and loss of elasticity of the vagina are less pronounced in women who have a regular sex life.


Even with the successful passage of the previous stages, some women cannot achieve orgasm. In this case, experts recommend experimenting with your body during masturbation. In this case, a woman can study what rhythms and pressures she needs to achieve an orgasm, and then share her experience with a partner.

Among sexual problems, vaginismus is also distinguished . This is a relatively rare disorder. The muscle at the base of the vagina contracts strongly when any object is inserted into it, whether it be a penis, or a finger, or a tampon. Commonly seen in young women. The problem is psychological in nature and requires specialist intervention. 

Sexual aversion is an extreme form of frigidity that has arisen as a result of violent sexual acts against a woman. Treatment requires intensive psycho- and sex therapy. 

Sexual problems in women are more psychological than physiological. An important role in a successful sex life is played by the partner. Remember that in any case, if you have any problems, you should consult with a specialist.

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