Sperm stasis – myth or reality?

Is there sperm stasis? Can this really be a problem for a man? How often should you have sex or masturbation to avoid health problems? We decided to dispel all myths and find out what actually happens to the male seed.

Anyone who is more or less versed in matters of sex, a person knows that every sexual act of a man ends with ejaculation or, scientifically speaking, ejaculation, and the secreted secret is called sperm or ejaculate. Many people mistakenly believe that ejaculate is made entirely of sperm, but this is not the case. Sperm is a kind of cocktail consisting of sperm cells, seminal vesicles and secretions secreted by many glands and organs.

During an orgasm, a man releases from 2 to 20 milliliters of semen , a significant spread in numbers is due to the intensity of sexual activity and the constitution of a person, that is, the more active a man’s sexual life, the more productively his sex glands work, and the more ejaculate is released.

Is there sperm stasis?

There are a number of pathological phenomena in which too little (oligospermia) or, conversely, too much ejaculate is observed, there are cases when sperm is simply absent (aspermatism). It is precisely with the amount of ejaculate secreted that many myths are associated, one of which is sperm stagnation.

According to this misconception, the lack of sexual life with all the ensuing consequences can provoke sperm stagnation, leading to various kinds of diseases of the genitourinary sphere. Experts in the field of urology have debunked a common myth, saying that in medicine there is not even the term “stagnation of sperm.” The human body is a perfect system. As mentioned above, the frequency of sexual intercourse affects the productivity of the gonads, with a decrease in sexual activity, the production of secretion decreases. With the restoration of regular sexual relations, the productivity of the glands increases. You should not be surprised or afraid that the sperm has become thicker, slightly changed in color, or contains small inclusions – these are the consequences of prolonged abstinence. After a short time, the volume and viscosity of the ejaculate will return to their previous values. 


Ejaculate cannot accumulate in the testes, spermatic cords and other organs, in the absence of natural discharge in men, emissions occur – spontaneous release of sperm. The frequency of its appearance depends on the individual characteristics of the male body. Some have wet dreams with an interval of once a week, others – once a month, and still others – a couple of times a year. This happens not only in adolescence, but also in mature periods.


Self-satisfaction is one of the ways to help get rid of accumulated sperm when natural methods do not work. When a man feels discomfort in the testicular area or is just very aroused, he resorts to masturbation and helps himself to discharge.

If there is no sexual contact in a man’s life, he does not masturbate, and there is no spontaneous release of sperm, then this means that emissions are latent, so there is no reason to believe that the absence of sexual activity will lead to stagnation of sperm.

What “stagnation” is there?

From the above, we can conclude that there is no concept, much less a disease called “sperm stagnation”, but there is a pathology associated with stagnation, and affecting a man’s ability to live a full sexual life – this is stagnation of the prostate or stagnant prostatitis … It is expressed in the absence or decrease in sexual desire, problems with erection, discomfort during urination, frequent urge, even with an empty bladder. At the same time, general weakness, increased fatigue, a sharp change in mood, pain in the groin or perineum may be observed. Having found two or more signs in himself , a man should visit a urologist who will prescribe adequate drug treatment. This problem occurs due to inflammation in the prostate gland. There can be many reasons for it. But drug treatment can cure all symptoms. The sooner you contact a specialist, the easier it will be to fix the problem. Prostate massagers can help prevent problems with the prostate gland and prolong sexual activity. These are devices that you can use yourself at home. This is a great alternative to medical procedures. 

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