Sex on the plane. Is it realistic to make a fantasy come true?

Sexual intimacy on board an airplane has long since turned from a bold and unrealizable fantasy into reality. Couples who decide to indulge in the sin of adultery at high altitude should not forget that the plane is a public place and you cannot have sex in it. Of course not! And if you really want to?

People flying long distances in the air want to experience new experiences of extreme sex at altitude. The roar of engines, the feeling of flight and the prospect of sharp, previously untested sensations are mesmerizing, and the risk of being caught by surprise and the possibility of falling into the hands of law enforcement agencies does not scare. 

How to have sex on a plane?

The plane is just gaining altitude, and you already dream of embracing each other? Take your time, wait a couple of hours and give passengers the opportunity to visit the washroom. And then strictly and strictly follow the recommendations.

Choose the right time

If you are not eager to become the hero of all news channels, then it is better to make love on board at night, when the passengers are already asleep.

Airplane foreplay

To achieve the necessary excitement, start fondling in advance, gently whisper in your ear, touch each other, kiss, most importantly, do not forget to cover yourself with a blanket or jacket, no, no, and some of the staff will pass by. Remove items of clothing that might interfere with intercourse slowly.


You can drink a little light alcohol, this will help you relax and remove internal inhibitions, the main thing is not to abuse, so that intimacy does not turn into a drunken orgy.

Ladies First

The toilet on the plane is the perfect place to have sex. Pass the lady forward, let her warm up a little, women need much more time to get excited. Wait 10 minutes and go after your beloved. If there is no queue, knock with the agreed knock and embrace your beloved.

Perfect position for sex on a plane

The best position for intimacy in an airplane toilet is the man in the back. Having a girl firmly hold on to the handles above the toilet or on the door will help you balance if the plane gets caught in a turbulence or air hole.

Hurry up

Do not delay with foreplay, go directly to business, prolonged caresses can lead to the fact that a small queue led by a flight attendant will gather in front of the toilet door.

And if not in the toilet?

Toilet intimacy isn’t the only way to have sex on board, however. After warming up with alcohol, you can arrange a long petting and satisfy each other with the help of hands or orally. Again, wait until dark and don’t forget the blanket.

One of the poses that allow you to make love without getting up, a woman on top, with her face or back to her partner . Of course, it is not very comfortable and cramped, perhaps there is even a neighbor, but is this a hindrance for two loving hearts and heated bodies? In this case, you need to be extremely careful, because there is no guarantee that one of the passengers suffering from insomnia will not be watching you. Most likely, the act of love that happened over the clouds will not be the best sexual experience in your life, and it is quite possible that only a man will get pleasure, but in this situation it is forgivable. Sex on board the ship is not a way to get sexual release, but an opportunity to experience something new and forbidden. There are not so many options to make love on board, but even here you can find a way out, the main thing is not to make much noise and not cause public disorder, which may be followed by administrative or criminal punishment. 

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