10 sex fears everyone has

Sex is one of the most important parts of human life. However, even such a pleasant activity can terrify people and cause them certain fears. There is a whole list of what partners who make love are actually afraid of. What does it include?

In many cases, these fears are the fruit of a violent imagination of a person, but at the same time they have a place to be. So, here is a list of the main human fears during intercourse.

Fear 1. Bad sex

What could be worse than horrible sex? Probably the most real fear of both men and women during intimate life is that both are afraid of bad sex. Yes, we all do it for fun, but what if there is no pleasure? The human mind prompts the thought that everything will go wrong. In addition, other fears appear that interfere with normal lovemaking.

Fear 2. Dirty laundry

Sex can catch a person at the most inopportune moment, so the next fear appears. Not only girls are worried about their underwear, because it is this part of the clothing that is of key importance during intercourse. To be in bed with a beautiful lady, when you are not wearing panties of the first freshness, here is another insidious fear that haunts many men.

Fear 3. No condoms

As mentioned earlier, an intimate affair can catch a man at any time, so it is important to always be ready for privacy with a beautiful young lady. However, there are times when a guy does not have condoms, and there is not a single store or pharmacy nearby. Hundreds of questions immediately arise in a man’s head, and one is worse than the other. Can you have sex without a condom with this lady? Where can I get a contraceptive when there is nothing nearby? Some girls fundamentally refuse unprotected sex, so they shift the responsibility for condoms to the guy. It’s important to always carry this thing with you, especially when you go on vacation.

Fear 4. Simulated orgasm

They say that only women can imitate an orgasm, but this is fundamentally wrong, because some representatives of the stronger sex can compete with them in acting. Many people worry that their sexual partner will mimic pleasure in bed. In fact, there is nothing more scary to learn that a loved one is constantly deceiving you when supposedly having an orgasm. After the fact of deception is revealed, then both partners can change their attitude towards each other for the worse.

Fear 5. Rapid ejaculation

One of the most insidious male fears in bed is the fear of quickly completing your job without giving your partner pleasure. Rapid ejaculation occurs in many guys’ lives, so don’t worry when it happens during your intercourse. Perhaps this is simple overexcitement or fatigue. Also, do not forget that a woman can be pleasantly done not only with the help of a penis, but also using the tongue, fingers or other parts of the body. You can also use erection rings, they will help maintain an erection and not finish for a long time.

Fear 6. Lack of erection

Many men and their sexual partners are worried that the penis will not get up on time . A bad erection may indicate problems with the sexual health of a partner, therefore, with a frequent manifestation of this fact, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor to identify the cause. Don’t get depressed because you haven’t been able to please yourself and your girlfriend. With a weak erection, you can use an exciting cream, it will lead to a rush of blood to the genitals, and it will turn out to realize your plan.

Fear 7. Disappointments

Surprisingly, both men and women are very afraid that a partner will be unhappy with intimacy. And the fear is not that they themselves will be unhappy, the reaction of another person is terrible. To see boredom or indifference in his or her eyes is horrible and very frightening. In this case, the cause of disappointment is not important, the fact of this emotion is important. That is why there is a desire to please at any cost, sometimes even to the detriment of oneself.

Fear 8. Condemnation of desires

Even with a constant relationship, there remains a fear in sex – to be ridiculed or condemned. Fear of talking about your fantasies and getting a negative reaction. Even if a person does not agree to realize something, but at the same time listens and does not reject the person, this emotion passes. If, at least once, a partner disdainfully spoke about the aspirations of another or refused in a harsh form, then the fear increases.

Fear 9. Imperfections

People are very shy about their bodies. Everyone is afraid of being compared to others. The most common fear is that the assessment will recall a former partner or even a porn star. Men worry that they don’t have the perfect penis length or beer belly. Ladies are afraid that the partner will not like the size or shape of the breast, the presence of a tummy or cellulite. The cause of fear is low self-esteem, and the stronger the feelings, the less noticeable this barrier.

Fear 10. Rejection

The fear that after sex the partner will leave is present not only among women. Men are also afraid of being abandoned, so sometimes they do it first. A sexual act is an “opening” to a partner, it is a confidential gesture to meet another person, and if after it he leaves, it strongly affects self-esteem. The desire to be accepted, loved and desired is natural, but life experience can raise serious concerns. The older the person, the more relationships he has experienced, the more the fear of rejection affects him.

This is not a complete list of those situations that many people fear during intercourse. However, you always need to face your fears and overcome them, no matter how hard it is. In most cases, they will seem like nothing to you.

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