Erotic dreams – why are they dreaming?

Erotic dreams visit everyone , regardless of age, gender, the presence of intimate life or its absence. Often such dreams are seen by adolescents and young men during puberty, and it is often the case with men who think a lot about sex. Women are no exception, some ladies also have sexual dreams. Why do they arise and what do they mean?

Dreams are, perhaps, the most unexplored and little-studied component in human life. In most cases, certain events or situations are projected onto a dream that influenced the psychoemotional state of a person. Along with little remembered dreams, people are visited by vivid and exciting dreams of an erotic nature , which often lead to a stupor or cause bewilderment. 

Erotic dreams – lack of sex?

Many people who visit erotic dreams tend to believe that something is wrong with their intimate life and begin to delve into themselves in search of truth, some even turn to psychotherapists complaining of obsessive dreams with sexual connotations. However, psychologists assure that erotic dreams are quite normal . Events reflected in dreams can only indirectly indicate problems in intimate life, or they may not have anything to do with it at all, so it is very important to learn how to interpret dreams correctly What does it mean if the following scenes are dreamed:  

Sex with a non-lustful person you know

Intimate intimacy in a dream with an actor, colleague, neighbor or any other man who does not cause sexual desire may indicate that there is simply little sex in life or a woman is not satisfied with the quality of intimacy. Likewise with men, if ladies dream, then it is worth relieving sexual tension.

Sex with an unattractive man or woman

Sexual relationships with an ugly person indicate that a person is dissatisfied with his appearance and himself in general, and is afraid of being sexually unattractive to his partner.

Sexual intercourse in public

Public sexual contact indicates the presence of fear or embarrassment, which have nothing to do with sex. Perhaps worried about an upcoming meeting at work or public speaking. This is a symptom of anxiety and fear that you want to hide or not feel.

Intimacy with a stranger

Sex with a stranger usually indicates that intimacy with a regular partner has become a habit and no longer brings the same pleasure. Well, it’s time to diversify boring sex, here role-playing games, toys from a sex shop or a technique called ” karetsa ” will come to the rescue , helping partners to experience new sensations.

Lesbian sex

Seeing yourself in a dream in the arms of another woman does not at all mean the appearance of homosexual inclinations. Most likely, there are serious disagreements between the woman and her partner, and subconsciously she is looking for someone who can understand and provide support.

Cheating spouse or spouse

Seeing in a dream a loved one indulging in carnal pleasures with others, you do not need to make a scandal and rely on a prophetic dream, most likely, this indicates that there are some hidden omissions and claims. The brain seems to be looking for even more reasons to take offense, causing such unpleasant, but unrealistic stories.

Male erotic dreams

It is believed that men are more likely to visit erotic dreams, but they also have their own interpretation.

Closeness with the woman you love

A dream in which a man makes love with his beloved suggests that he lacks attention, simple human communication and sex with her.

Group sex

If a man sees himself as a participant in a group sexual intercourse, then, most likely, latent aggression or dissatisfaction with himself is sleeping in him.


Not all dreams, even of erotic content, evoke pleasant emotions. Being a participant or victim of rape in a dream is unpleasant, it speaks of latent psychological trauma. If dreams of such content become intrusive, it makes sense to visit a therapist.

The subconscious is a delicate thing and sometimes the brain throws up riddles that are not so easy to solve. For an interpretation, you can contact a specialist, or you can try to figure out yourself and your relationship on your own, or just learn to enjoy a romantic adventure in a dream.

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