Tips for women who have never had an orgasm

About 10% of women who are sexually active do not experience orgasm. 5% of them have never felt this enchanting peak of pleasure. How to get to this cherished point? How can you help a woman relax and experience such pleasure? According to the data provided by sexologists, more than 95% of women are able to experience orgasm, but according to other statistics, only about 60% of the fair sex receive sexual pleasure. Why is this happening? Why theoretically a woman can get an orgasm, but never experienced it? 

There are many reasons leading to anorgasmia, these are diseases of the female organs, and poor blood supply to the pelvic organs, and hormonal imbalance, and a moral barrier that prevents a woman from enjoying intimacy. And now what i can do? To suffer from lack of orgasm for the rest of your life? In no case!

Orgasm helps not only to relax physically and psychologically, but also to avoid a whole bunch of female diseases. Of course, the easiest way is to find a sexually competent man who will help you achieve orgasm, but a good lover is very rare, which means you need to help yourself 

Think about sex

The more a woman thinks about sex, the more sensitive she becomes. Read erotic literature, watch porn, buy beautiful sexy lingerie to feel attractive. Change your everyday outfit to something more revealing, but not vulgar. Leave the button on your blouse unbuttoned so you can see the cleft between your breasts. Men will definitely look at you, and at the same time your sexuality and self-confidence will increase  

Study the body

Choose a time when no one will bother you, undress and get into a comfortable position. Turn on sensual music or an erotic movie to help you relax and create the right atmosphere. With gentle, light movements, slide over the body, note which touches are most pleasant. Some ladies like to caress their nipples, others are crazy about touching the inner thighs, others like to stroke the lower abdomen and labia. Take your time, enjoy the touch 


Many women caress themselves and there is nothing prejudicial about it. When you feel aroused, start gently stimulating your clitoris. You can do it with your fingers, or you can use special clitoral stimulators. Do not rush to finish, let the wave of excitement overwhelm you . Caress the perineum and vagina, stimulate the entrance to the vagina, it is most convenient to do this with a vibrator that works in several modes. 

Do not despair if you did not succeed in experiencing an orgasm the first time, try again, experiment with technique and sex devices, use an exciting lubricant , it will enhance the sensations. When you learn to get an orgasm from self-gratification, give your man a sexual show, caress yourself and masturbate in front of his eyes. A little performance will make him worse than any stimulant, and he will try to deliver unforgettable pleasure, relying on the hints received. 

Buy a vibrator that guarantees an orgasm

Normal vibration is not always enough to get the first orgasm. Today there are clitoral stimulants that act on the erogenous zone in waves. The first orgasm with such a device occurs in 1-2 minutes. And this is a real salvation for women who want to reach the peak of pleasure.

Wave stimulants are produced by different companies. The ideal solution is the presence of both exposure to air and vibration in a sex toy. You can alternately use different effects to reveal your capabilities and learn to have fun afterwards and without a toy.

Talk about sex

If you can enjoy masturbation or stimulation with intimate devices, but cannot come during intimacy, it’s time to talk frankly with your partner. Do not hesitate to discuss your sexual problems and desires , an intelligent man will listen and take note. No matter how silly it sounds, but your orgasm is needed not only for you. Observing you at the moment of the highest pleasure, your partner will feel like an alpha male, in seventh heaven, and will definitely repeat the feat in order to experience the very sensations. Unfortunately, not all men are distinguished by their desire to please a woman, in this case there are two ways out: to run away from the egoist or visit a qualified sexologist who will help to sort out an unpleasant situation. 

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