Scratches, bruises and sucking after sex – decoration or inconvenience?

In a fit of passion, partners can bite or scratch each other, often by accident. But it happens that the suction is created on purpose. Is it worth doing this, is this behavior appropriate and how to avoid such acts in relation to yourself.

Extra marks

In adolescence, hickey could be considered something very important. He testified that the person has a partner, and it was “cool”. Not everyone can boast of a relationship during this period, so marks are considered a reason for pride . In their youth, men with contentment on the beach show their backs with scratches. And this attracts the attention of all women around. They ask themselves, “is he really that cool in bed?” And this is also a reason for pride. But as people get older, any marks only get in the way. It is inconvenient to come to work with them, it looks vulgar and “childish” 



Why put sucks

There are times when marks on the body arise by accident. This is especially true for people with thin skin. They bruise every touch.

But sometimes partners leave a “label” in this way. It indicates that a person belongs only to them. This is a manifestation of possessiveness and selfishness. An example of such behavior is a hickey from a mistress. Thus, she tries to destroy the man’s family, does everything to make the wife suspect treason. Another example is the aspiration is placed on the stomach or chest so that it can be seen in the mirror. To remind him of the last evening. This is not the best way to leave memory, but it is used.  

Where you can and can’t leave traces

If you still want to play footprint games, it is important to choose the right locations. For example, many BDSM experiments leave marks. And therefore, a dialogue takes place before the session, where it is determined which body parts can be used.

  • Many people give up wrist marks. Hands can be seen in any clothing, which is why they often buy leather rather than metal handcuffs.  
  • Avoid neck marks. Traces can also be seen in the neckline of a shirt or blouse, and this attracts unnecessary attention.  
  • The marks on the buttocks or back are less visible. And the thigh area is often hidden under clothing. They also experiment with them. 

Suction, bruises and scratches are not hazardous to health. But they look too conspicuous and not always appropriate.

How to remove traces of sex experiments

There are no magic remedies for scratches and suction. They can be reduced by applying ice to the impact site immediately after injury. But this is not always possible, in a fit of passion, not to medical procedures.

The pharmacy sells “Bodyaga” ointment, it helps to reduce bruises. You will have to use it for 2-3 days in a row. But the healing process will be reduced by at least 2 times.

To mask the marks, you need a foundation. But even with its help, it can be difficult to completely hide everything.

How to prevent skin marks

It is important to always discuss bed etiquette with your partner . It is important to point out right away that marks are not acceptable if their presence leads to problems in life. Of course, it is difficult to guess that a sexual partner will scratch. But if this happens, it is important to discuss so that this does not happen again. Revenge is not appropriate in this case. It is easy to leave a mark on another person, but only this will not stop a series of similar phenomena. And next time a partner may want to take revenge. As a result, the tracks will be permanent. When using accessories for BDSM, it is important to choose soft devices that do not damage the skin and do not leave bruises. Leather or satin handcuffs, leather floggers are created for the realization of fantasies, but without traces. 

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