5 ways to enhance his orgasm. He will not forget this!

What to do to make his pleasure much brighter? What techniques can a woman use in bed to please her partner? There are 5 ways to use. Their application will delight!

A man may like all the offered caresses, and some may not “come in.” During use, it is important to be sensitive to his reaction. Some influences, for example, on the anus or prostate, should be agreed in advance so that he does not get offended or angry.

1. Penis massage

Stimulating the penis with the hands can generate intense desire. This should be done before penetration, and it is important not just to perform forward movements, but to alternate different strokes. The massage is performed with two hands, before that, a special oil is applied to them. If you are planning a transition to oral sex, and this may be a great ending, then it is better to choose a special edible oil.

During the massage, it is important to keep the rhythm, not to get lost. And it’s worth studying several massage techniques to find 2-3 methods that he likes more than others.

2. Vibration

It is very easy to add vibration to sex, you only need a sex toy. And her vibrations will give him unusual sensations, nor will they be more intense than without accessories. At the same time, at the moment when orgasm is already approaching, vibration can be increased. And it will cause an explosion of emotions.

Any vibrator can be used for oral sex. They are touched by the scrotum or perineum, and the mouth and hands caress the head and trunk. And it brings three-dimensional experiences. Vaginal sex uses sex toys for couples. They are fixed on the female body, and the vibration of the submerged appendix is ​​felt by the man, and this is great.

3. External anal stimulation

Many nerve endings are concentrated around the anus and in the perineum. Their stimulation causes very strong arousal. But this sometimes confuses a man. Therefore, it is worth moving carefully, do not climb inside, so as not to frighten him off. The touch in this area should be light, not aggressive. And it is advisable to use a lubricant for better glide.

It will be possible to realize massage only during oral sex or penis massage. To make it more comfortable, the man spreads his legs wide so that he has access to this area. When he gets used to his fingers, you can supplement the massage with any vibrating toy.

4. Prostate massage

Massaging the gland produces very vivid orgasms. But it is done through the anus, and this is not always easy. A woman may not know the exact location of the gland, press too hard or weakly. Therefore, a special massager is used for implementation. It is curved in order to act pointwise. And it’s better to take a model with vibration. Trust the man to control, let him change the speed, regulating the force of arousal. The lady can please him with a blowjob or massage.

5. Excitatory drugs

Strengthen the male orgasm with the help of special stimulating creams. They are applied to the body before sex. The action begins in 3-5 minutes. And the effect is different. The most common is warming or cooling. Feelings are in the groin, the intensity is different.

Energizing cream to induce congestion of blood to the genitals. This gives a firmer erection. But the intensity of the experiences also increases. Each touch feels brighter. And even the usual poses with such creams can seem magical.

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